AMD64 or Semperon, deal or no deal?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Tad Confused, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Tad Confused

    Tad Confused Guest

    I have been weighing up the value of these two processors
    in a new system. It seems to me the two processors have
    fairly similar performances in most situations but that an
    AMD64 system is considerably more expensive at about
    £100 - £150 more (not so easy to compare as other items
    on the machines differ).
    I am beginning to think that the Semperon would be a better
    option for me because of the following reason - all the AMD64
    systems I have seen available (at a price I am willing to pay)
    appear to be socket 754, so I will be paying a highish price for
    an end of line system with little or no possibility of upgradability.
    If that is the case then I may as well get the cheaper Semperon
    and use the fairly considerable amount of money I save to upgrade
    to a 939 system (new motherboard and processor) at a later date.

    Basically my only upgrade cost would be the new motherboard
    which at todays prices is about £60 because I will have to buy
    a new processor anyway.

    A few other points:-

    What are those card reader thingys and can I add one if it doesn't
    have one build in.

    Is the semperon 64 bit?

    Does it have cool and quiet?

    I think the answers depend on the processor model but I won't
    know what that is in store.

    Or maybe I should go for the AMD64 machine with a higher spec
    (and price) even if it is end of line?

    It would solve all my probs if I could get a 939 AMD64 but I don't
    want to spend more than £550 (well £500 really).

    It's all very confusing!!

    Why are the 939 systems so hard to find at a decent price when
    the motherboards don't actually cost much more (£10)?
    Seems to me its a question of clearing obsolete stock and the
    supply chain is basically a monopoly? (I am in the UK).
    Tad Confused, Apr 10, 2006
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  2. Tad Confused

    Tad Confused Guest

    Seems some are and some ain't, will be hard work finding out
    what is in the box
    Tad Confused, Apr 10, 2006
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  3. Tad Confused

    Noozer Guest

    And new RAM. Chances are that the new board will need DDR2 by that time.
    You can add a memory card reader. There are lots out there and they are
    pretty cheap!
    You need to ask yourself two basic questions...

    - Will I use this same machine, unupgraded for 2 or more years?

    - Do I plan to do any gaming on this PC?

    I built my current PC about 30 months ago. I didn't scrimp (but kept away
    from leading edge) so the machine has been a joy to use. I'm planning on
    replacing it finally, but only because we want a PVR. My current machine
    will take over the PVR function and I'll get a new machine. I probably could
    have used this PC for another year or two without any problems.

    So, if this machine will stay unupgraded within two years, get whatever
    technology fits your budget and plan to replace the whole machine at the end
    of it's life. This is usually the best strategy for most users.

    If you plan to upgrade bits here and there, then you need to plan your
    strategy. You can pick up a cheap socket 939 mainboard these days. A Sempron
    may do OK for a while. You really need to plan your upgrades in advance.

    If you are going to do any gaming, then forget about saving any money. Get a
    good processor, decent video card, then build your PC around that. 512meg of
    memory will be OK, but 1gig is better. Don't worry about getting super fast,
    low latency memory as it really adds to the cost - but don't get cheapo
    Noozer, Apr 10, 2006
  4. Tad Confused

    Dr Nick Guest

    I actually just read a review on (sorry dont' ahve the
    exact link, so a search for athlong 64 or sempron 64) but from their article
    they said it's best to go witha slower athlon 64 machine than a higher end
    semperon. (main reason that sempron is old motherboard and athlon can be
    bought on the new 939 boards (which ironically, are now going to be obsolete
    by the new M2 socket). I'm currently in the same suitation, looking for a
    cheap computer, and I think I'm going to go with an athlon 64 939 mainly
    because of a lot less limited upgrade path. (think about it, could get the
    cheapest 939 athlon and in a year or so upgrade to what is the fastest at
    this current time and save a bundle). if your not doing any gaming, thats
    how I'd go.
    Dr Nick, Apr 10, 2006
  5. Tad Confused

    Tad Confused Guest

    That is what I used to think however I an f**ked if I can find a athlon 64
    at a reasonable price and the ones I can find are almost certaintly 745
    (it seems impossible to find out untill you have bought the machine).

    The situation I seem to be in is that I will have to pay an extra £150 for
    the athlon64 with a 200gig drive and 256 graphics as opposed to
    a semperon with an 80gig drive and 64meg graphics.
    I estimate the 200gig drive is worth £30 more so that leaves £120
    for the graphics (which I aint to bothered about) and the AMD64
    which is actually 745 anyway, so if I am buying an unupgradable
    system I might as well get the cheaper won (£400 v £550).
    The main problem is I can't find 939 systems and a 939 mobo
    dont cost that much (£60?) which is small compared to the
    £150 or much more I would have to pay for a 939 system.
    It's annoying though, I am gonna take a look on ebay.

    Tad Confused, Apr 11, 2006
  6. Tad Confused

    Dr Nick Guest

    Dr Nick, Apr 11, 2006
  7. Hi there

    With regards to your questions, here are my opinions.

    1) Those 'card reader thingys' are easier to get. You can just buy one
    and attach it to a USB port. No worries.

    2) Is the semperon 64 bit?
    The Sempron is the newest low-end CPU which effectively replaces the
    AMD Duron. It is a direct competitor to the Intel Celeron D. This chip
    was released in 2005 and is extremely popular today.

    3) Yes, my opinion is to get the AMD64 machine. Why because its an
    investment in the future. I doubt a Sempron is going to last you very

    If you want to learn more, then check out this guide:

    Best Regards
    Gary Hendricks
    Gary Hendricks, Apr 13, 2006
  8. Tad Confused

    Tad Confused Guest

    It can be 64 bit depending on the model although it is hard
    to know what you are buying if it just says semperon (
    not semperon64) I doubt the info on the box in most
    stores will be of help.
    Not if it is a 745? (not 939) socket it isn't, you might as well get the
    Semp in my opinon its a lot cheaper, and just as fast for most things
    I believe. OK if it is 939 thouogh that has more future).
    Thanks, although it could perhaps be in more depth.
    Tad Confused, Apr 13, 2006
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