Amazon MP3 Store is pretty damn good, but of course there's _always_ a catch :-(

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Jamie Kahn Genet, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Amazon MP3 store:

    To buy an album you need their special software which only runs on
    Winblows or MacOS 10.4. Well isn't that just _dandy_ given I still use
    MacOS 10.3 on my Macs and Linux on my PCs. WTF do they require this?
    There is NO good reason :-(

    Still, their prices are far cheaper than the iTMS and they've no DRM
    across the board. Their selection isn't anything to write home about,
    but hopefully that will change. I just wish I could buy albums!!! :-(
    For anything else I'll be picking them over the iTMS, but I _won't_
    upgrade my OS just to get a service - albums - that shouldn't require
    ANY special software in the first place. How stupid and pointless is

    Jamie Kahn Genet
    Jamie Kahn Genet, Sep 26, 2007
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  2. Jamie Kahn Genet

    Mutlley Guest

    The other catch is " US customers only" so you don't have to worry
    about changing your OS
    Mutlley, Sep 27, 2007
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  3. Jamie Kahn Genet

    sam Guest

    The itunes store requires special software called itunes, it might very
    well be stupid and pointless, but its not new.
    sam, Sep 27, 2007
  4. Any US address will work. I just use a friend's and have bought four
    tracks now.
    Jamie Kahn Genet, Sep 27, 2007
  5. Jamie Kahn Genet

    Mutlley Guest

    Actually i just logged in and changed my address to CA, 90210, USA
    and it downloaded OK.

    After went back and changed it again. Will set up a new account with
    a US address just for this i think..

    Wish itunes was that simple..
    Mutlley, Sep 27, 2007
  6. Yeah, I wish I wasn't forced to use the NZ iTunes store - it's
    overpriced compared to the US store. Still, if there's ever a single
    track I want to buy and it's also on Amazon - that's where I'll be going
    instead. I just wish I could buy albums on my older Macs and Linux
    machines :-( But I shouldn't harp on about that. Amazon never even
    bothered replying to my complaint. Meh.

    Jamie Kahn Genet
    Jamie Kahn Genet, Sep 28, 2007
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