Am I asking too much?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Grumps, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Grumps

    Hannah Guest

    A) I'm not in the USA, for which I deeply thank god. We live in the UK. I'm
    mostly British, a quarter Irish.
    B) We're not married.
    C) I have no figures to hand, but a bloody good percentage of male/female
    marriages seem to fail; I was not of the belief that same sex permanent
    partnerships are any more likely to fail than opposite sex partnerships. I
    have absolutely no doubt that your 100% statistic is a complete fabrication.
    If only one such partnership has succeeded in the whole history of mankind
    then you're a liar. I am aware that 72.6397% of statistics are made up on
    the spot, and I'm putting yours into that category.
    D) Our partnership is of the very highest quality. We are both fully
    confident of long term happiness.
    End of my involement in this thread.
    Hannah, Apr 20, 2005
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  2. Grumps

    Owamanga Guest

    Have you ever been there? If not, you shouldn't judge us by what the
    liberally biased BBC et al say.
    I have no idea, but I didn't say 'partnerships', I said 'marriages'.
    I made it up, yes, and stand to be corrected. As far as I
    every gay & lesbian marriage so far in the US has since been
    nullified. Thus it's a 100% failure rate (through no particular fault
    of the couples involved).
    I guess some couples may have died between the marriage and various
    supreme court activities that ended them, but there would have to be
    significant numbers of these events to drop my 100% down to 99%.
    Okay, but I've justified my position.
    Happy? Living in the UK? Yech. It's like living in tupperware.
    Bloody rain for days, neigh weeks on end sometimes, and right now
    you've got the stupid no-good-choice elections to live through. And
    when they are done you'll just be left with high taxes.
    If you wish.
    Owamanga, Apr 20, 2005
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  3. Grumps

    Hannah Guest

    Been there numerous times. Done it. Did a big shoot there only a few weeks
    ago. Came back with the T shirts. Wasn't impressed.

    I suggest that nullification is not the same as failing. The former is
    beyond the couples' control whereas 'failing' implies some lack of success
    between the parties in the partnership.

    I'm very happy. I have a wonderful partner, and she assures me I'm wonderful
    too. I couldn't give a bugger about the elections because ultimately I
    believe one political party to be like any other, and none will make any
    real difference to me. Sure, the taxes are high, though not outrageously so.
    I think they're much higher in a number of other countries, such as Sweden.
    I'm fortunate in having always earned a great deal of money, from both sides
    of the camera, and even Blair can't take enough of it to leave me short. As
    for the weather - well, where I live in the south of the UK I believe we are
    actually officially in a drought at the moment, but rain doesn't worry me,
    and nobody would deny that the weather gives the Brits something to talk
    about. Indeed I love a walk out in rain under a big golf umbrella, that's
    very therapeutic, and recent years have proved that it CAN get extremely
    hot, with weeks of sun, in summer.

    Well, ok, let's see where it goes. You seem to be reasonably able to answer
    Hannah, Apr 20, 2005
  4. "If not, you shouldn't judge us by what the
    liberally biased BBC et al say."

    I guess anyone who thinks the BBC is "liberally biased" is someone who
    thinks that Fox News is impartial, rather than being the right wing, fascist
    propoganda that it is!

    Simon/Rosemary, Apr 21, 2005
  5. Grumps

    Ron Hunter Guest

    I believe his 'statistic' has more to do with the definition of 'fail',
    than the numbers of committed same sex relationships that continue to
    the death of one of the partners. What he is trying to say is that as a
    marriage, they 'fail' because they don't produce (and can't) children.
    But by his definition, my wife and I also 'failed' because we weren't
    able to have children, but we are still together after 37 years.

    But it (your same sex relationship) does go far to explain your
    sensitivity to remarks about 'the wife'. Thanks for sharing.
    Ron Hunter, Apr 21, 2005
  6. Grumps

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Why obviously? Some countries extend this civil protection to same sex
    couples, as do some US states.

    I think you are a bit behind on that. Several states, beginning with
    Hawaii, now sanction same sex 'marriage'. It's WRONG, but they do it
    Hummm. Sounds like here. There are many places in the US with worse
    weather than the UK, and most of the elections here are similarly 'no
    good choice', and taxes are only minimally less if you add all of them up.
    Ron Hunter, Apr 21, 2005
  7. Grumps

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Where did you go?

    In that sense, I agree.
    Ron Hunter, Apr 21, 2005
  8. Grumps

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Fond of Fox, are we? Grin.

    Don't you think that is a bit 'biased'? Can you point out any such
    'propaganda'? That objective challenge has been offered many times,
    accepted none.
    Ron Hunter, Apr 21, 2005
  9. Grumps

    Owamanga Guest

    I know the UK doesn't... and.. civil protection is not marriage. Even
    those states where civil unions are allowed, it's not marriage.
    Sanction? - They issue a piece of paper called a 'Marriage Licence' do
    they? - If so, yes, I am a bit behind.
    I don't agree. Any examples? I've spent a winter in Canada, and it's
    better than the UK - because they know how to deal with snow and the
    UK doesn't. I've spent countless summers in Florida, and it's better
    than the UK because even if there are hurricanes, they know how to
    clear up afterwards.
    Every 4 years in the US, *compleley* fresh candidates show up to fight
    the incumbent. The UK has suffered an extremely stale conservative
    party for 10 years or more and the labor party are 'going bad'. UK
    polatics work best when theres a relatively frequent flip-flop of
    government. No competion leads to complacency and a shit governmental

    Get real.

    UK Sales Tax: 17.5%
    US Sales Tax: 0%
    Florida Sales Tax: 6%

    UK Capital gains: Ramped, leading to 40% on everything over $80,000
    US Capital gains: Ramped, but stops at 15% (for most situations)
    Florida Capital Gains: 0%

    UK Income Tax: Ramped, leading to 40% on everything over $60,000
    US Income Tax: Ramped, but stops at 35% on everthing over $320,000
    Florida Income Tax: 0%

    (At the equivalant earning point, $60,000 the UK taxpayer is paying
    40% on everthing above that, the US rate is still only paying 28% all
    the way up to $146,000)

    UK Nat Ins. 9.4% on anything above $6,000 (roughly - it's complicated)
    US SocialSec: 6.2% on gross pay up to $90,000. 0% after.
    US Medicare: 1.45% on gross pay.

    I won't go into deductions or credits, other than to say the US allows
    some big ones that the UK doesn't: mortgage interest rates & state
    sales tax. Deductions & credits are much bigger in the US due to this.

    UK gasolene tax/duty: About 60%
    US Average Gasolene tax/duty: About 40%

    UK council tax: Average of $2,000 (I guestimated it)
    US property tax: Average of $3,000 (Guestimated again)

    Using $2.00 = 1 UKP for simplicity, which isn't exactly fair to the
    UK's figures, the rate is nearer 1.90
    Owamanga, Apr 21, 2005
  10. Grumps

    Owamanga Guest

    My concept of success in marriage is for the couple to remain married
    until either one of them die.

    "Until death, us do part" - or whatever the mixture of words the UK
    uses to make this promise. You basically promise to remain married
    until you die. Every same-sex marriage in the US so far has failed to
    meet this requirement. Does the blame lie with the coupes? Dunno - if
    you know up front you can't keep the promise because the law prohibits
    that, then you have to take some responsibility for it's failure.
    Ah, so Sweden *does* have it's uses beyond making furniture. It gives
    the UK government an excuse to maintain high taxes. What I don't
    understand is how a place like Jersey or Guernsey can have half the
    rate of income tax (its about 25% I believe), *no* VAT, half the rate
    of tax on fuel and *still* operate with the same quality of life you
    get in the UK. I just can't understand where they are spending all the

    Even the UK vs US, 60 million people living in a small space should be
    a hell of a lot more efficient to service (garbage collections,
    delivering mail, efficient locations for universities, policing etc)
    than the sprawling 250 million people in the US who live in
    9,162,000sq km vs the UK's 242,000sq km.

    But that's not the case, even with a massive defense budget, the US
    does the job of 'government' for about half the tax that the UK does.
    I'm glad to hear that. A model turned photographer? I guess that's a
    bit like an actor becoming a director - an obvious progression for
    those who are capable.
    That's the problem, the rain isn't proper rain, it's usually a misty
    drizzle, so end up with what the government 'officially' calls a
    drought but what most of the rest of the world would laugh at.

    It seems to be happening every year now, why don't they regulate for
    efficient irrigation systems to be installed in any new properties?
    Global warming? A positive side - Maybe the UK's weather has improved.
    Owamanga, Apr 21, 2005
  11. Grumps

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Yes, Hawaii, and Massachusetts, that I can think of right now. Others
    also recognize 'civil cohabitation contracts' which give rights similar
    to marriage.
    Well, unless they come in once a week, as they did last year... And the
    weather in Florida is rather nice, compared with southeast Texas, or
    northern Alaska.. It's a VERY large country. You would probably feel
    right at home in Seattle.

    It's much the same here when someone becomes 'entrenched', like Ted
    Kennedy in Mass.
    But look what you get for your money. National healthcare, and royalty.
    Many of our 'taxes' are hidden as 'fees'.
    Ron Hunter, Apr 21, 2005
  12. Grumps

    Hannah Guest

    I wouldn't judge the success or failure of any marriage - or partnership, in
    these days of no wedding rings - on the ability of the union to produce
    little ones. I have always thought that to succeed the parties to the
    arrangement have to be, above all, friends, and not just lovers. Love, at
    least that first dreamy eyed can't concentrate on anything flush of it,
    fades, but in a good partnership the friendship increases and concentrates,
    and it's that which holds people together. Well done on 37 years, that's an
    appreciable figure - you and she must be great friends.
    Hannah, Apr 21, 2005
  13. Grumps

    Hannah Guest

    We were in an area around South Dakota way. My inspiration for the location
    was a film called Koyaanisqatsi. I failed to capture the glory the film
    did, I think.
    Hannah, Apr 21, 2005
  14. Grumps

    ASAAR Guest

    Blame the sound track. It may have left you glassy eyed.
    ASAAR, Apr 21, 2005
  15. Grumps

    Hannah Guest

    I can't comment about marriage. Whether or not it will ever be available
    here in the UK for us is immaterial; I see no point in it for we two.
    Promises, if made, should be made to each other, not to the state.
    LOL re Sweden! Someone told me a year or so ago that, for the very rich
    Swedes, it's possible to achieve a taxation rate of over 100% for a
    proportion of their income. They wear bumper stickers saying "Born free,
    taxed to death".
    But I understand the situation in the Channel Islands no more than you do. I
    do know that, should I decide I wanted to live in Jersey, I couldn't just
    move there, but I would have to be pre-approved (ie, rich). Perhaps a low
    rate of income tax exacted upon very high incomes produces all the revenue
    the island needs?
    I have no complaints about services such as those you mention. I do live in
    a super little town though, and can't speak for the big cities. You can set
    your clock by either our weekly bin men or our daily postman.
    Yep, I was a model, though never in the same elevated echelons as your
    Heidis and Claudias. I'd always been interested in photography and decided
    to step behind the tripod while I was ahead and before the wrinkles arrived.
    I seem to be doing alright but diversified quite early beyond just pointing
    my lens at blondes.
    Indeed. I recall a couple of weeks in western Africa a year or so ago, and
    my sheer disbelief at the intensity of the rain there. In comparison the
    rain here is like a dry day. But it looks like we are going to be forbidden
    to use the hose on our cars or the garden later this year.

    It seems that the gentle English rain (your misty drizzle) isn't enough to
    fill the reservoirs. Then when we do eventually get two weeks of good solid
    downpour it's too much for the systems, and all the water rushes to the sea
    instead of into the reservoirs. Something like that anyway.

    Hannah, Apr 21, 2005
  16. Grumps

    ASAAR Guest

    Who doesn't hold a candle to Strom (ole peckerwood) Thurmond.
    ASAAR, Apr 21, 2005
  17. Grumps

    Hannah Guest

    LOL! Wonderful music though. How can 90 minutes of repetition be so
    Hannah, Apr 21, 2005
  18. It's not repetitive and it's because Philip Glass is a genius.


    "Every man, woman, and responsible child has a natural,
    fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil, and
    Constitutional right (within the limits of the Non-Aggression
    Principle) to obtain, own, and carry, openly or concealed, any
    weapon -- handgun, shotgun, rifle, machinegun, anything
    -- anytime, anywhere, without asking anyone's permission."

    The Atlanta Declaration
    -- L. Neil Smith
    John A. Stovall, Apr 21, 2005
  19. Grumps

    ASAAR Guest

    I don't know, but now I'll have to hunt for my old recording of
    Einstein on the Beach. It's been so long since I've seen it that I
    can't recall if its on vinyl or CD.
    ASAAR, Apr 22, 2005
  20. Grumps

    ASAAR Guest

    It is repetitive, but interestingly so, like Vivaldi I suppose. I
    heard some Steven Reich the other day on the radio and didn't care
    for it very much. Very repetitive with (for my taste) no redeeming
    values. In a different take on repetition, a local univerity's FM
    station just finished two solid weeks of round-the-clock playing of
    Billie Holiday's recordings. When I first heard of what they were
    doing it sounded like a silly thing to do, but I ended up greatly
    enjoying most of what I heard.
    ASAAR, Apr 22, 2005
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