Am I an MCP?

Discussion in 'MCTS' started by JasonS, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. JasonS

    JasonS Guest


    I've just passed 70–536 (.Net foundation) - does this make me an MCP? I
    realise that I need to passs another exam to be MCTS. If I am not an MCP,
    what am I?

    JasonS, Oct 23, 2008
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  2. JasonS

    John R Guest

    According to,
    70-536 does not grant MCP status. Therefore, you are someone who has credit
    for passing 70-536 on his way to MCTS status. When you complete MCTS, you
    still may not (and probably won't) have a credential called MCP. You will
    still be a certified professional in a Microsoft technology, and have all of
    the same benefits (access to the knowledge bases, MCPID logon for the
    website, etc), but you will not have a credential called MCP. MCP is
    thought to be too generic for anyone to appreciate. That is why there are
    so many different MCTS certs. That way, someone can look at your cert and
    get an idea of what you know. With MCP, you might have passed a single test
    on Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Exchange Server, Proxy
    Server, or any number of other topics.

    BTW, Congrats on the pass.

    John R
    John R, Oct 23, 2008
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