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Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Woody, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Woody

    Woody Guest

    You are therefore paying quite a lot more than you need to. If you get
    a VM basic package you will get phone (which you don't need to use)
    and B/B for about 25% less than you are paying now. Add to that that
    if you ask for it will also get a TV box - may be Cisco V-Box or a
    Tivo recorder (both HD) - and the FTA channels for nowt.
    Woody, Feb 2, 2015
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  2. Woody

    Graham. Guest

    I have a Fuel Broadband phone line (Stupid name as my ADSL is with
    Sky, formally with BE)

    The line rental is low, and the calls are correspondingly expensive,
    so I don't make any outgoing calls on the line whatsoevr.
    All my calls go via Even 0800 etc dosn't go via
    the land-line, they go via a Sipgate trunk so the landline is always
    availible for incoming calls. 999, 112, 111, 101 & 17070 are the only
    numbers permitted on the PSTN outbound route.

    I have 1280 programmed as an override prefix "Just in case".
    Graham., Feb 2, 2015
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  3. If you're paying £32, the standard 50M broadband-only deal is £28.50:
    There's no 'for the first 6 months, then...' so I assume that's the standard

    It isn't a huge discount, but it's something.

    Theo Markettos, Feb 3, 2015
  4. Not necessarily. The BT line rental is 15.99 a month, but you can easily
    make that back if you make a lot of international calls; the cost of 0871
    etc dialthroughs is higher on Virgin, and you also can't use 18185 and
    friends. If you're not using override providers the cost is even more
    massively different - eg Virgin/BT GBP1/minute, other telco 10p/minute.
    Needless to say, inclusive calls bundles are useless for this.

    The other option is broadband only and go VOIP for calls. Which is
    particularly useful for picking and choosing operators (the trouble with
    international calls is many operators advertise routes, but some of them
    don't work or the audio is awful, so you have to be selective).

    Theo Markettos, Feb 3, 2015
  5. Woody

    Woody Guest

    In reply to both of your responses Theo........

    First, if you had gone a little further (and may need to be a VM
    customer) you will find that the £28.50 B/B deal is only available to
    new customers. What is more if you persue it through the system you
    find that the only package change you can make is upwards (i.e.
    costing more) - they will never let you reduce your purchase value.
    The only way to do so is to threaten to leave whence you get put
    through to Rententions who will offer you a 'loyalty discount' to get
    your costs down to something more acceptable.

    Second per the above, I suspect you missed my point that there is no
    obligation to actually use the phone that is part of the package so
    what is the point of insisting that you have it to <reduce> the
    overall cost? Beats any logic I can work out. I still have a BT line
    and use that despite the additional cost - the rental for which by the
    way is now £16.99/m.
    Woody, Feb 3, 2015
  6. Woody

    eastender Guest

    I want the faster broadband - am on 60Mb service (and in fact this has
    now gone up to 100Mb although Virgin haven't implemented it yet for
    me). This is now £33.50 a month. To get the Tivo I'd have to pay £16.99
    for the phone so you're right I could give up the BT line to get Tivo
    for about the same price, except I looked into routing calls over
    Virgin and also their call packages and this is not on.

    Also we don't watch that much TV.

    And as I work at home I get the VAT back on the broadband and phone -
    but I couldn't justify Netflix on the business (although I do write
    about them...).

    Another point is that it's nice to have a working BT line for DSL and
    calls in case the cable goes belly up (it was down for nearly five days
    last week in fact).

    eastender, Feb 3, 2015
  7. [...]
    The point of insisting that you have it is the purely practical one
    that it is part of the standard installation that they do for
    everybody. They run a standard cable to a standard termination box,
    and the software sets up a standard account. As with many things
    nowadays, the work involved in providing and installing equipment is
    at least as expensive as the equipment itself, so it's cheaper in the
    long run if everybody gets the same, variety being subsequently
    provided for individuals by minor adjustments.

    Roderick Stewart, Feb 4, 2015
  8. Woody

    Mark Guest

    VM can also report a higher proportion of multi-play customers to its
    management/stakeholders/competitors/others to big itself up.
    Mark, Feb 4, 2015
  9. Woody

    Tweed Guest

    I'm with Virgin Media, and have been since cable modems only did 512
    kbits/sec. I'm now on their 100 Mbit down, 6 Mbit up package. I don't have
    a VM phone line, nor do I have their TV. I pay £23.50 per month.
    Periodically they try to put the price up, so I call them and politely ask
    if they will put it back down. No threats to leave or anything. Each time
    they reduce the price. I have to do this every year or so.

    I did ask if it was possible to have TV without the phone, and yes it was
    possible. The price was pretty much the same as Sky's equivalent packages.
    So, their website might try to get you to pay for the phone, but in reality
    it is not required.

    I've just moved my landline to Zen, as it is £12.50 per month with no calls
    included. Most of my outbound calls go via my mobile, as the number of free
    minutes are more than I ever need. I keep the landline, perhaps only down
    to worries about what might happen during a power failure or some other
    emergency. Perhaps that's due to growing up during the 70s power cuts. I
    have to say my experience with Zen so far has been very good. Both the
    sales person, and the subsequent accounts person were efficient, polite,
    and most importantly, not working from a script.
    Tweed, Feb 4, 2015
  10. With whom can you not use 18185?

    I've used it with VM for years, though I do have to dial a somewhat longer
    than five digit prefix first (it's stored in one of the memory buttons on
    the phone handsets so only a minor nuisance).
    Jeremy Nicoll - news posts, Feb 5, 2015
  11. You can use it, but the unique feature of flat rate 0p/min calls is lost.
    Once you've lost that, it's just like any other dialthrough provider -
    sometimes it's cheaper, sometimes it isn't.

    Theo Markettos, Feb 6, 2015
  12. Exactly. It's a loss leader for their painfully expensive calls.

    Plus it also means they can engage in the same pricing games as BT:

    75p BROADBAND!â±

    â± plus your usual line rental of 99.99 a month.

    Theo Markettos, Feb 6, 2015
  13. Woody

    Kraftee Guest

    You can take out BT and put most, if not al,l service providers in place as
    all advertise in exactly the same manner, highlighting they (supposed) great
    internet prices (and television packages (where applicable) leaving the
    price of line rental an unknown until you approach them.
    Kraftee, Feb 7, 2015
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