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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Dave C., Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Dave C.

    Dave C. Guest

    I have been running Allegro 2001 music writing software (for 10
    years). The program runs successfully, but when I exit, I get an
    error message stating that there is a "signature error."

    This just started this month as if it does not recognize the signature
    what ever that is.

    Is there any work-around this? I am concerned that maybe shortly the
    program may not run anymore.


    Dave C., Oct 10, 2011
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  2. Dave C.

    Paul Guest

    Back up your computer, while you experiment. If the experiments
    don't work out as planned, then you can do a restore from your backup.

    Look at your System Restore feature. If your computer has been
    collecting Restore Points, you can restore Windows to a previous
    date (like, a date before the signature error).

    Some update may have done it. You could try uninstalling updates,
    but with no guarantee of a fast resolution. It could be the
    side effect of something else you've done (like run a Registry Cleaner).

    System Restore has peculiar habits when it comes to tracking files.
    Things kept in My Documents aren't touched. I keep a Downloads
    directory, outside of My Documents. If I use a System Restore point
    and go back one month in time, I also lose the last month's worth
    of downloads in the Download directory. This is why, System Restore
    is a double edged sword, and can cause as much damage as it can fix.
    System Restore can be "undone", so if you notice files outside
    My Documents are missing, you can simply System Restore back to the
    current date. If you do a Restore from Safe Mode (F8), then the restoration
    cannot be undone. And then, your disk backup *will* come in handy.

    Whatever thing you've triggered, it's likely to be an application
    error. If there were OS problems, they would have occurred when you
    tried to launch the program. A problem occurring when you try to stop
    the program, then that could be something the application is doing.

    You can use Sysinternals "Process Monitor" program, to watch what
    a program is doing. You can see registry transactions that way, watch
    a program open or close files. It's a kind of debugger. But, it generates
    so much data when run, it's like shoveling manure. It's never ending.
    When I fixed a simple error in a sound mixer on my machine here,
    I had to scroll through 50,000-100,000 "events" to find it. You
    must have a very good idea what you're looking for, to filter out
    the noise. The program also disagrees with some AV software - on
    my old machine, the OS would lock up if I ran Process Monitor and
    that was because of the AV software. Still, it's a nice program
    to use, if you have a good theory as to what is broken to begin with.

    Specialized programs, like the scorewriter you're using, may not have
    a lot written about them. If you know of a musician's web forum, where
    people writing music hang out, some of them may know what is going on.
    (Your program could be covered in this article, but not the 2001 version.)

    Paul, Oct 10, 2011
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  3. Dave C.

    Dave C. Guest


    Thanks for helping me to understand what might be going on. I am
    going to search for a music writing forum to see what that brings.


    Dave C., Oct 13, 2011
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