Aliant TV - Trying to connect a wireless router, not able to connect to Internet

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by rich irving, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. rich irving

    rich irving Guest

    Hey there,

    I am an Aliant Digital TV user. I recently bought a wireless router and have
    been trying to instal it. Here's my hardware configuration:

    Broadband Modem - Netgear Switch - then my PC

    According to Aliant Tech Spt, I should be able to plug my wireless router
    into the switch, then set it up following the setup wizard. None of this
    works. Is there anything - short of changing ISP's that I can do?

    rich irving, Jan 9, 2006
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  2. rich irving

    PJB Guest


    Modem -> Wireless Router -> Netgear Switch -> PC

    PJB, Jan 9, 2006
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  3. rich irving

    Toolman Tim Guest

    In rich irving spewed forth:
    Lose the Netgear switch. What wireless router did you buy? Doesn't it have a
    WAN input, and a 4-port LAN switch built in? That's what it's built for.

    CAREFULLY follow the router setup instructions. The following is how I have
    to set up mine, but your's may vary:

    Power off the modem, router, and PCs.

    Plug the modem into the WAN on the wireless router. Plug any ethernet
    connected PCs into the wireless router LAN jacks.

    Typically, you will need to power on the modem. Wait for it to finish the
    self test. Power on the router. Wait for it to finish the self test. Then
    power on a PC and see if you get Internet. THEN work on the settings for the
    Toolman Tim, Jan 10, 2006
  4. rich irving

    rich irving Guest

    Thanks for the tips guys, I really appreciate it!!! I'm going on 5 days
    dealing with Aliant and Netgear to get this working.

    I can't get rid of the switch because it is used for my Aliant TV. I'm not
    sure if you guys are familiar with this but it's a new product from Aliant.
    Kinda like digital tv but it's different than the Bell product they are
    selling. I've been on the phone with Aliant Tech Spt 3 times now and all
    they have been able to tell me is to connect like this:

    Modem: Switch: Router: PC

    I am using a Netgear WGR614 v6 wireless router. In wading through the tech
    forums, I read that sometimes there is an issue between the IP of the modem
    and the IP of the router being the same. The forum then goes on to say that
    usually you need to get the ISP to set the modem up as a bridge then setup
    the router. This seems like alot of work for me compared to other people I
    know who are just using Aliant highspeed and have setup the router easily
    just going through the setup wizard.

    I've tried Modem: Router: Switch: PC with no luck. And in setting it up this
    way, I lose my Aliant TV.

    Anyway, I have calls and emails into Aliant support to try to solve this,
    but I'm not optimistic. I'm hoping maybe someone else out there has gone
    through the same problem with Aliant TV that I have and can share some
    knowledge with me. Otherwise, it will be back to cable or a satellite TV for

    Thanks again fellas - I REALLY appreciate you responding back to me.
    rich irving, Jan 10, 2006
  5. rich irving

    Toolman Tim Guest

    In rich irving spewed forth:
    Sure - and I have another suggestion that really might be the best: lose the
    wireless router. Return it for a wireless access point instead. It doesn't
    have all the extra stuff the router has, and should be able to plug straight
    into the existing switch without complicating things as much.
    Toolman Tim, Jan 10, 2006
  6. rich irving

    rich irving Guest

    I should have also added this information:

    1. Verified that I have an internet connection with my broadband modem.
    2. Verified that my TV signal is still functioning through the switch (this
    TV service I have is IP based)
    3. Powered off the modem and switch by turning them off and unplugging them
    for 5 mins (the book said 2 but I kept it off longer for overkill). I
    disconnected the CAT-5 cable from my PC.
    4. I plugged the router into the switch and my PC then powered up ONLY the
    router and switch.
    5. After 5 mins, I powered up the router.
    6. The router setup was able to detect my PPOE settings, and my account
    login information.
    7. When I try to connect to the internet - using my hard wire connection I
    cannot access the internet.
    8. On my wireless PC, I can access shared files that I have on my PC that is
    wired into the router, but I am unable to access the internet.

    I don't see any error messages or anything like that, just that I cannot
    connect to the internet.

    In speaking with my ISP (Aliant a.k.a Sympatico) they told me all I should
    have to do is plug my router into the switch, run the router setup, and
    everything would automagically work :)

    I have tried Modem: Router: Switch as well and I lose my TV and I can't
    connect to the Internet.

    If there are any tips you can give me, I'd really appreciate it. I have a
    friend who has the same router, but does not have Aliant TV and the setup
    went perfect.
    rich irving, Jan 11, 2006
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