Alarm clock program with snooze ability _+_ that plays more than one MP3 only?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by fitwell, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. fitwell

    fitwell Guest

    I've tried several shareware and freeware alarm clock programs
    versions but haven't found an app yet, unbelievably, that operates
    like your average clock radio even without some added features a
    software one would provide.

    Ideally, the clock radio app would have a snooze button and would
    allow pointing to a folder of MP3s not just to one MP3 song, as most
    of the clock radio programs out there do. There's no advantage to
    that! That's even less flexible than a CD clock radio. At least you
    have a choice of CDs with the hardware one!

    Why a software one?

    Well, flexibility. Hopefully we have choices with a software one:
    i.e., setting an alarm for any day of the week, for all days of the
    week, or to pick and choose which days. Like my current scheduler
    where it has boxes for each day of the week for each scheduled entry
    that we can decide upon.

    Secondly, with a software one, if we can point to a folder of MP3s,
    esp. with a choice of which to play for any given alarm, that will
    eliminate having to use the CD clock radio and changing CDs all the

    My CD clock radio is an older one and doesn't support data discs
    written with MP3s nor does it allow me to change settings for which
    days to work. The only option I have is to play a CD and the longest
    one I have plays only for about 45 mins. Plus I only can shut off to
    not get it to play on certain days. Bad when I also forget to turn it
    back on, which has also happened on occasion! <g.

    fitwell, Dec 27, 2006
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  2. Did You try here? >
    Good Luck, [email protected]
    [email protected], Dec 27, 2006
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