AKAMAI Technologies?

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Patrick Sullivan, May 6, 2005.

  1. Patrick Sullivan

    Jim Watt Guest

    On Wed, 11 May 2005 08:24:44 -0500, "Patrick Sullivan"
    <> wrote:

    >> MS use Akamai for load balancing and have no interest in your machine

    >apart from keeping it up to date with free upgrades to block holes in their
    >orrible operating system.
    >Why should I trust them ("no interest in my machine")? They are a
    >corporation and corporations have usually been out for their own interests,
    >not mine.

    You trust them because their business is delivering content, for which
    they get paid by Microsoft who in turn trust them. If they started
    doing bad things that trust and their business model would fail.

    >MS could have a server in every state in the union if they wanted. Nothing's
    >keeping their whole site in WA.

    They could, and then there would be the issue of what to do about
    the real world. They would have problems of security and management
    of an infrastructure, so instead they contract to Akamai who are the
    experts in

    >> You will find lots of things in the registry, if you don't understand

    >them, leave them alone.
    >Maybe I understand more than is apparent from my writing.

    Its had to tell whether the sample is representative

    >I liked downloading updates as ".exe" files, the way it used to be.

    I liked MSDOS

    However, automatic updates works well for dumb users and there
    are a lot of them out there, and the more up-to-date their machines
    are the better life is for the rest of us.
    Jim Watt
    Jim Watt, May 11, 2005
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  2. Patrick Sullivan


    Jul 17, 2007
    EMAIL Outlook Express Software cops it as well!

    Today I also had to learn about "deploy.akamaitechnologies.com" after I found it latching onto my 'Outlook Express' e-mail software..without my permission!!

    Akamai Technologies company founder was an Israeli called Daniel C. Lewin. http://www.jewishjournal.com/home/preview.php?id=7471

    Akamai Technologies company founder Daniel C. Lewin was also a Captain in the 'Sayeret Matkal' (An Israeli unit of 'Counter Terrorism/Anti Hijacking Commandos)

    Akamai Technologies company founder, and 'Sayeret Matkal' trained Daniel C. Lewin was also onboard Flight 11 during the September 11, 2001 hijackings.

    To better spot Akamai Technologies and their "deploy.akamaitechnologies.com" - Remove that junk ZoneAlarm software from your system and install something like 'SunBelt' firewall.

    'SunBelt' firewall (in advanced mode) will show/ask you, if you would like "deploy.akamaitechnologies.com" operating in the background overseeing your EMAIL activities while using services like svhost.exe, 'Outlook Express" e-mail software etc. Zone Alarm doesn't inform you about those connections = JUNK!

    Shortly after 9/11, main stream news reported Israel's company control of American communications right up to the White House...before and after 9/11

    Summing up...

    * If you value your privacy, don't let some foreign company (without your permission) latch onto your e-mail programs, etc.!
    * ZoneAlarm and XP firewalls are junk!!! - And so are any other firewalls that don't show you ALL the sub connections each program is running in the background to the outside world...uninstall ZA and use something that shows all inward and outward connections by ip and full url.
    * If your see any url's come up linking your private data to "deploy.akamaitechnologies.com"... BLOCK IT!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2007
    aussiebob, Jul 17, 2007
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  3. Patrick Sullivan


    Aug 4, 2010
    I work in IT. MCSA Server 2003, Comptia Security+ (2009).

    This akamai connection is garbage.
    The only thing I have found that detects it is superantispyware.
    It removes it, but it comes back.
    I also have connections from a yahoo top level domain.

    I have also seen this on a clients network.

    Could really use some help on this.

    It plays radio advertisements.
    Have scanned with AVG Free, Spybot, Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyWare.

    Again, SuperAntiSpyWare detects and removes, but just comes back.

    Please, if someone knows anything, send me an email!
    jorgen, Aug 4, 2010
  4. Patrick Sullivan


    Mar 18, 2012
    Hi Patrick,
    I think your problem was with the ACT of constant internet traffic happening from your computer without your explicit knowledge. Because I've been having the exact same problem.

    Here's the solution: download the free version of NetBalancer

    I'm switching to a mobile internet plan in some weeks and it has a monthly bandwidth cap beyond which there's a hefty charge per MB. I'll get seriously screwed if this background internet traffic keeps going on.. Even I had turned off all automatic update downloading and still it continued.

    I sensed an issue when my regular browsing became too slow. So to monitor the network usage I downloaded NetMeter. There I was in for a surprise - SOMETHING from my comp was using the internet full-time, and that too when there was NO update or anything of the sort going on. There was no virus or malware so clearly a legit process was the culprit here.

    I searched for ways to track down which application is using the internet and came across this tool, NetBalancer. After installing (will have to restart the comp once, using win7) I found out that the system process svchost.exe is doing all the quiet downloading, that too at full speed! Suddenly Windows has become the equivalent of my teenage cousin secretly torrenting!

    Using NetBalancer, I'm able to limit the connection speed of individual programs, as well as block them off from the internet entirely! I totally blocked svchost.exe for some time, then saw that NetBalancer's own website and some other sites weren't loading in Firefox (apparently there's some kind of interconnection). So then I kept a 5kb/s limit on it. And now the sites load fine and svchost.exe is no longer doing any constant browsing. Even after closing NetBalancer, nothing's going wrong, and on running it again its got traffic data from the time it was off.

    I recommend using both NetMeter and NetBalancer. Netmeter has a nice graph that stays on top, rests in the taskbar next to antivirus etc and so keeps you in the loop. When you notice something fishy, turn on NetBalancer and catch the culprits!
    answerquest, Mar 18, 2012
  5. Patrick Sullivan


    Jun 23, 2012
    AKAMAI tech. is a thread

    Oh,I have the same problem,they hack my computer ,i found them and i trace the ip I realize they are hacking me for some secret agent. That must be the FBI or spy from the secret service :)y:).
    very dangerous people. watch on what you do in the internet,they wacth everybody .
    titi6, Jun 23, 2012
  6. Patrick Sullivan


    Nov 5, 2013
    wow, this has been about a long time, I am still on 56k and this is just killing my connection speed.

    I may have just solved it just now but you need your firewall up, and add to your zones.

    I downloaded SmartSniff and watched the connections, and akamai was all over the place..

    I grabbed the IP address and in zonealarm blocked it in the zones, my connection openned up. took several IPs and a range as it keeps changing IP address.

    I havent found what might be on my system that might be calling it, but I'll keep checking.
    dinwitty, Nov 5, 2013
  7. Patrick Sullivan


    Nov 21, 2013

    I restarted my computer and didnt even use internet or anything, but when i check my connections information is being sent to AKAMAI? that is pretty strange. And when i as going to check the ip on ip locationfinder the connection to their ip was closed -.- scumbag company owned by cia or nsa ..
    mrbanana, Nov 21, 2013
  8. Patrick Sullivan


    Nov 5, 2013
    get TCPview (google)

    akamai is a delivery service, TCPview may help isolate onboard PC proggies trying to access. Zonealarm uses it for updates, today's technologies apparently assume we are all on high speed internet so when these proggies access they dont really kill bandwidth, but not true on my measly 56k.

    Its tough tracking whats whom using it and I'm doing a juggling dance getting things to work like Wunderground weather.
    dinwitty, Nov 22, 2013
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