Airport and Building X-Ray machines and Digital Cameras

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by winhag, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. winhag

    winhag Guest


    Recently, a friend took her Canon 20D into a building with high
    security. She was forced to put it through their X-ray machines. There
    did not seem to be any ill effects, but in general, can this damage the
    camera/sensor or memory card?
    winhag, Sep 13, 2005
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  2. No problem. It takes a lot more than security X-ray and metal detecting
    devices to damage them.
    Joseph Meehan, Sep 13, 2005
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  3. winhag

    Marvin Guest

    Just be sure to be there when it comes out of the x-ray machine, so it doesn't "walk off".
    Marvin, Sep 13, 2005
  4. winhag

    eawckyegcy Guest

    Was google broken when you posted? Because when you go to google,
    click on 'groups' and enter 'x-ray security digital camera', you obtain
    an answer to your question in about as much time as it takes to type
    eawckyegcy, Sep 13, 2005
  5. winhag

    Martin Brown Guest

    Only if you drop the whole X-ray machine onto the camera from a height
    of more than 10cm... Why don't you use Google ?

    Martin Brown
    Martin Brown, Sep 13, 2005
  6. winhag

    Pete D Guest

    Why did you bother to respond when the post had already been answered?
    Pete D, Sep 13, 2005
  7. winhag

    Pete D Guest

    Good answer Martin and much funnier than the Google answer, thats why people
    come here first, oh yes and because they are not experts at this internet
    thng like you.
    Pete D, Sep 13, 2005
  8. winhag

    winhag Guest

    Thanks for the answers, and I will use Google first next time!
    winhag, Sep 13, 2005
  9. winhag

    winhag Guest

    Thanks for the answers, and I will use Google first next time!
    winhag, Sep 13, 2005
  10. winhag

    eawckyegcy Guest

    Why did you bother to respond when the post had already been answered?
    eawckyegcy, Sep 13, 2005
  11. winhag

    eawckyegcy Guest

    If you want to answer the same question again and again and again, why
    haven't you? Why criticize those who are teaching people to use
    google, and thus becoming an "expert"? Why don't you take your kooky
    form of co-dependence and shove it?
    eawckyegcy, Sep 13, 2005
  12. winhag

    Jeff Guest

    Maybe if you presented your "help" in am more helpful and less arrogant
    manner people would be mere receptive.
    Jeff, Sep 14, 2005
  13. winhag

    Alan Meyer Guest

    I believe digital cameras CAN be damaged by Xrays, but perhaps
    only under special circumstances.

    During treatment for postate cancer I made the mistake of
    bringing my brief case into the xray treatment room, which
    had my Canon S30 in it.

    When I came out of the room I took out the camera to take
    photos of the staff. The camera took photos okay, but the
    LCD display didn't work. It showed parts of the image
    superimposed over other parts and was completely unreadable.

    After some days, the problem appeared to correct itself.

    Then I took the camera with me on a trip. After passing
    through the xray scanners the same problem recurred, and
    then eventually went away again.

    Coming home I tried to get the airport security officials
    to inspect my camera by hand, but they refused and threatened
    to confiscate the camera, keep me off the plane, or, if I
    persisted in my protests, arrest me. So I put the camera
    through the scanner again and the LCD has never worked since.
    The cop at the airport insisted that the scanners don't
    hurt digital cameras and his only response to my story was
    to shut his ears, tell me I was wrong, and threaten me.

    So my $430 digital camera was toasted.

    Before taking the camera into the high energy xray room
    I had had no problems with airport scanners, and I assume
    that the problems I had later were entirely due to
    serious damage done earlier that was compounded by the
    airport scanners.

    Alan Meyer, Sep 14, 2005
  14. winhag

    Pete D Guest

    Pete D, Sep 14, 2005
  15. winhag

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Ron Hunter, Sep 14, 2005
  16. winhag

    Shawn Hirn Guest

    Nope. Not at all.
    Shawn Hirn, Sep 14, 2005
  17. winhag

    Shawn Hirn Guest

    The problem with your camera was probably a coincidence. Did you contact
    Canon about it?
    Shawn Hirn, Sep 14, 2005
  18. winhag

    kashe Guest

    The Nazification of Amerika -- submit without question or it's
    my boot to your neck.
    kashe, Sep 14, 2005
  19. winhag

    eawckyegcy Guest

    As far as I can see, the OP, a certain , received the

    What is your complaint?
    eawckyegcy, Sep 14, 2005
  20. Alan,
    I believe you.

    To all those who say NO to x-ray hurting cameras, you are wrong.

    Radiation damage is well established in the spacecraft world, where
    one typically has to use expensive radiation tolerant components.
    X-rays do damage electronic components, but usually the effect
    would be small in the case of airport scanners and consumer
    cameras. It is likely that after many trips through
    an x-ray machine that the sensor noise will increase. Because
    many people upgrade to new cameras we probably have not seen the
    problem too much, but I predict in the future, high end cameras
    mature and when the owner travels a lot they will begin to show
    harmful effects. As camera sensor noise is reduced with better
    designs, this problem will likely show up sooner. I do travel
    a lot with my cameras (e.g. 1D Mark II) and I will monitor
    the noise.

    Alan, in your case, it was probably a marginal LCD that the X-rays
    harmed. In some cases, after exposure to radiation, electronics
    can "anneal" and self repair, especially if warmed up, just as
    you observed. Perhaps some warming might help it? But the original
    hospital X-ray machine should not have had x-rays leaking out,
    or did you put it in the machine?

    Roger N. Clark (change username to rnclark), Sep 15, 2005
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