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Discussion in 'General Computer Support' started by hunter, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. hunter


    Sep 13, 2006
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    I have no clue how to use this sight but here goes I cannot get my message from AIM (AOL) the window for the mail goes so far and stops there for I can't retreive my mail and I have important past mail and new mail from employment matters I am looking for a job Before and this happened 3 times that I could get on the site however the retrieve buttons were totally different and only half of the letters showed now this if aim is going down shouldn't they tell you in advance so u could make other arrangements I know AOL is hurting for customers but the service they provide I can see why from a former AOL member to a yahoo member I reloaded triton trying to see if that would work twice and to no avail I need some help since we all know aol has no customer support unless yer a member Also any help you could give me would be deeply appreciated '
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    hunter, Sep 13, 2006
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