Again??? AGAIN????

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by NYC XYZ, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. NYC XYZ

    NYC XYZ Guest

    Firefox Nuisance No. 45.392:

    Mouseover "tags" (explanatory text which appears when pointer is left
    over an image) get truncated if too long (",,,"), which is very
    annoying when the "tag" (or whatever it's properly called) is an
    integral part of understanding the visuals, as here at

    NYC XYZ, Apr 21, 2006
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  2. NYC XYZ

    NYC XYZ Guest

    But why would anyone do this??? How extremely annoying computer
    programmers can be! I wonder what is the culture there which makes for
    such things.
    RIght, that too.
    I've reinstated the original NGs x-posted since your response contains
    something of a solution to the problem so widely posted.

    As for widely posting, well, the bigger the Net the better -- pun
    intended! Also -- precisely because -- the NGs are all, a
    bigger net and all....

    I hope you're not one of them whiners about top-posting, either, or
    typos, or "minimalist redaction" or stream-of-consciousness free
    association or not being politically correct enough or expressing
    strong opinions strongly....
    NYC XYZ, Apr 21, 2006
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  3. NYC XYZ

    NYC XYZ Guest




    There's nothing so terrible as unrequited love...except for illogical
    (seeming) machines (and software)!!!!
    Well, it would have been intersting to see what responses the
    anti-Firefox/Mozilla crowd might have, but also because there may be
    issues common to html browsers involved in this case -- especially
    because many people use both, like me.

    I prefer Firefox, but increasingly its only advantage seems to be
    tabbed browsing and a more intuitive text-scaling capability.
    NYC XYZ, Apr 23, 2006
  4. NYC XYZ

    Dustan Guest

    The mousover tags were definitely not meant to hold that much
    information. That should be in the captions or somewhere around the

    If the tag is an "integral part of understanding the visuals", that is
    bad HTML practice; consider telling the webmaster to change it.
    Dustan, Apr 23, 2006
  5. NYC XYZ

    NYC XYZ Guest

    You have a point there, but by the same token, the internet was never
    meant to be what it is expanding the envelope of what's
    possible by utilizing what's available seems to be what our Brave New
    World is all about, and considering this, it seems the worse practice,
    even given HTML X.x parameters, to inherently (from the get-go) limit
    capabilities...the design philosophy should always be: allow the user
    to define the scope of information available. (I'm still shaking my
    head over Y2K...ironic the lack of foresight, given the foresight
    generally needed for computer programming.)

    After all, "information wants to be free." =)
    NYC XYZ, Apr 23, 2006
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