After new Desktop installed Laptop cano read shered folders

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by onclejon, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. onclejon

    onclejon Guest

    I have a small business wireless network whci consists of a alptop in the
    bosses office (she is the brians of the busines, I am the brawn, and a
    desktop server plus printers, scanners and backup devices down here in the
    back office. All has been well for some three years since we set it up with
    Window XP. Recently the server was replaced with a state of the art system.
    As far as the laptop is concerned nothing should have changed because the
    router is the same and the system name, firewall etc on the new beast are
    taken from the old hardware.

    The two computers are in the same work group, can see one another in netwrok
    places, and access the internet through the same cable modem.
    Unfortunately while I can read and manage all the files on the server and on
    the bosses laptop (as before) and keep the latter updated she can see and
    open sheres on her laptiop she cannot do more than see the folders on the
    main system.and if she attempts to open a folder she gets the message
    " You are unable to access xxxx or do not have sufficed resources available
    ". Please check with the systems administrator (that's me with one hat on
    and I am getting a lot of rude cooments)

    I cannot see that anything is different, firewall settings were copied over
    from old server, the router net gear WGU 624 is the same, the settings have
    not changed. The problem si not solved by switching from simple sharing to
    proessional sharing with descrete permissions.

    Any help welcome, please!

    onclejon, Sep 11, 2006
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  2. onclejon

    David Hettel Guest

    Hmm, have you right clicked on the wireless networking icon on the bosses
    laptop, then clicked on Repair? My guess is the actual IP address has
    changed of the new server (new networking card in it), if it's cached on the
    bosses laptop that could be the problem. If that doesn't help how about
    creating a new user on the server with rights to that folder. Or check that
    the boss is listed when you right click on the folder, and select sharing
    and security in both the popup window for Permissions (under the Sharing
    tab) and on the Security tab under (Group or user names).

    David Hettel MVP
    Windows Mobile
    David Hettel, Sep 12, 2006
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  3. onclejon

    onclejon Guest


    Thanks for your help. The wireless network is handled by a netgear router,
    you are right to think that the net work card on the PC is different
    it is now a NVIDIA nforce networking controller.card. I have no
    problem accessing the internet from the server (Copsehill) or the
    Laptop (Francoise). However I do see that when Laptop attempts
    to access the server the path is shown as \\ the host
    computer where as from
    the server the path for shares is \\John i.e. me.the administrator.
    How do I resolve this?

    onclejon, Sep 12, 2006
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