affordable digicam with the least shutter lag?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by zxcvbob, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Guest

    I'm thinking about getting a 4 to 5 megapixel digital camera; mostly for
    teenage daughter to use. Maybe 3 megapixels is enough, but that doesn't
    leave a lot for editting. So a compact but not *too* compact point and
    shoot thing. From my limited use of digital cameras, the most frustrating
    thing is the lag between pressing the shutter and when the camera finally
    decides to take the picture. Maybe they've gotten better in recent years,
    but I don't know.

    Oh, and something that supports lossless compression or uncompressed image
    formats (like TIFF), decent optics, and less than $450.

    I looked at the customer reviews on Amazon at a couple of Canon and Pentax
    cameras. There seems to be a disturbing trend for Canons to fail after a
    few months and then Canon says it's water damage and not covered by
    warranty. If it was just 1 or 2 people claiming this, I would dismiss it,
    but there were several more than that with very similar stories...

    Anyway, what do y'all suggest?

    Thanks, regards,
    zxcvbob, Nov 28, 2003
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  2. zxcvbob

    [BnH] Guest

    Fuji S602z :)

    [BnH], Nov 28, 2003
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  3. zxcvbob

    Steve Guest


    I had a defective Canon with a bad CCD and a bad viewfinder. Canon U.S.A.
    failed to repair it 3 times and the problem has now become a legal matter.
    At one point, I had to write a letter to the President and CEO of Canon
    U.S.A., this is what happened:

    In my letter to Canon, I wrote:

    Dear Mr. Uchiuda:

    I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with Canon U.S.A.
    after waiting over 3 months and 2 failed repairs for Canon to resolve the
    problem with my defective PowerShot A40 digital camera.
    When I attempted to shoot some test pictures, I immediately observed that
    the viewfinder was blurry. Cleaning the lens with Kodak lens cleaner and
    cleaning tissue did not help.

    My reply from a representative from Mr. Kinya Uchiuda:

    Dear Mr. Haymes:

    Your recent letter to Mr. Kinya Uchiuda has been forwarded to my attention.
    Please allow me to respond on his behalf.
    The problem has been isolated to using the camera with the ISO set to 50.
    This causing the programming to select a slow shutter speed and in turn
    creating camera shake. Only by using your settings with a tri-pod could you
    eliminate the shake.
    I hope that this information gives you a better understanding of the

    After over 30 years of experience in photography, I am certainly happy that
    the best that the President and CEO of Canon, U.S.A. could do is have a
    representative tell me that a low ISO setting caused the camera's program to
    select a low shutter speed creating camera shake. Unless there is something
    that I am missing after over 30 years of photography how does a slow shutter
    speed result in a blurry viewfinder? It results in a blurry picture but NOT
    a blurry viewfinder!

    Either Canon U.S.A. is very incompetent or the are very dishonest!

    I am glad that I did not bring my car to Canon with a "loose steering wheel"
    as they might have worked on my windshield wipers instead.

    Yes you are correct that there is a "disturbing trend for Canons to fail"
    and for Canon not to honor it's warranty. The subject of failed Canon
    digicams and very bad Canon customer service has come up in this NG and in
    other internet forums. Do not buy from Canon.

    Back in the late 1970's I had a 200 mm Pentax Takumar lens with a stuck
    diaphram which Pentax did an excellent job repairing under warranty. I've
    owned other Pentaxes and I would recommend them.

    Good luck,

    Steve, Nov 29, 2003
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