Advice/suggestions/recommendations needed for new PC & new flatbedscanner I need to buy soon

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Lee, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Lee

    Lee Guest

    I apologize very much (very sorry) in advance, if necessary for any
    reason, for this particular posting/message here, but I'm not a
    regular member of or visitor to this particular newsgroup & also visit
    Usenet newsgroups in general only 3 times a week (every 2-3 days).

    Anyway, I need to buy a new PC & new flatbed scanner soon, as the ones
    that I currently own & use are now both very old & outdated (more than
    7 years old for my Sony Vaio PC & approx. 14 years old for my Hewlett-
    Packard scanner). Are there any particular models, brands, qualities/
    characteristics/features, etc. of each that are highly recommended?
    And conversely, are there also any such things to absolutely avoid?
    Any attempt(s) to help will be greatly-appreciated - thanks.
    Lee, Dec 3, 2011
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  2. Lee

    Paul Guest

    There is the alt.comp.periphs.scanner group, but the traffic level
    looks rather low in there right now. There are probably a few
    regulars lurking over there, if you want to give then a try.

    If I go to Newegg, enter flatbed scanner as a search term,
    then sort the results by "Rating", this one came out on top.
    The users speak kindly of such a low-priced item.

    EPSON Perfection V30
    8.5" x 11.7" (typewriter paper sized scanner)
    Resolutions, Hardware 4800 x 9600 dpi (overkill for documents, not
    enough for slide scanning)
    LED technology — no warmup time and fast scanning speeds
    (Note - LEDs are no more reliable than CCFL tubes. You can
    blame this on our throwaway world. CCFL tubes will last for 10000-25000
    hours, if the inverter doesn't fail first. With LEDs, it isn't
    possible to make very definitive statements. Some white LEDs
    have a relatively low life rating. Light output drops with age.)

    Epson Scan with Epson Easy Photo Fix technology (software bundle)
    ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus OCR
    ArcSoft MediaImpression

    You might want to do a little research on TWAIN or WIA support.
    Do some checking on the Epson site perhaps.

    For scan speed, you have to find a good reviewer who mentions it.
    This is what one of the Newegg reviewers found for that one.

    "Other Thoughts: Scanning time really needs to be put in these descriptions.
    At 600DPI 24-bit color it scans a document in 15 seconds. At higher resolutions
    (4800 DPI) this time can increase to 3-5 minutes depending on color settings.
    This is not necessarily a bad thing, but such information SHOULD be included
    in the description."

    If you're typically scanning ordinary paper documents, there is no reason
    to be going for ultra-high resolution. Even 300DPI is enough, which means
    you're looking at 15 seconds for that kind of thing. The thing is, when
    printing is done with halftones, there isn't much point zooming in too much.

    If you scan photos, you may be cranking the resolution then, but the
    picture probably doesn't cover the whole scanner plate.

    If you're looking to only scan photos, then you'll want something
    entirely different than this product. You may want bundled software
    to "remove scratches or dust". Some scanners that work on pictures,
    scan with two kinds of light, as part of noise reduction.

    Paul, Dec 3, 2011
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  3. HP. They make combination units now, flatbed scanner, printer, fax
    and copy. Everything in one bundle, it's a good deal.
    As for a PC, that depends upon what you are using it for, but again,
    HP is hard to beat for price, unless you want a gaming computer.
    Avoid AMD CPU's and do get an Intel i3/i5/i7 CPU, the best you can
  4. Lee

    Lee Guest

    Thanks to both of you for all the info. & advice.

    I don't do any gaming, and I actually don't do that much scanning,
    which is usually magazine photos when I do, but I use my PC mostly for
    web-browsing, e-mail, & lots of audio-only CD (& CD-R) playing. So
    again, letting me know of any particular models, brands, features,
    etc. that could be highly recommended, and ones that conversely should
    be absolutely avoided, will be well-appreciated - thanks.
    Lee, Dec 7, 2011
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