advice on long distance cat5 or poe connection.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by rk4262, Jun 7, 2015.

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    Sep 30, 2014
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    I am setting up a satellite office in another house about 300 (give or take) from my main office, I want to run a internet/network connection over there using either a poe, or cat5/6 cable, using outdoor rated wire, and burying it, can even use coax if needed.

    What I'm thinking is connect a booster/repeater/extender (whichever will work best), to the modem/router, then running the cable to the other building, to a AP or router (again whichever, or even another booster if needed) then to the one hardwired pc, and to the wireless for the other 3-5 pc's depending on what day and/or time it is.

    My question is, what kind of equipment will I need for this, what is going to be the best brand at the cheapest cost, it won't ever see a real heavy load, and just how (what order) do I connect each component. (router to extender?, or router to poe, then extender? whatever). Do I need the other booster/repeater at the other end? This is my first time doing anything long range, so I'm completely lost.

    rk4262, Jun 7, 2015
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