Advice needed for VS 2005 exams

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Guest, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    All developers in my company need to qualify for all relevant .net exams.
    Some are starting on new exams but I would prefer it if they took the
    upgraded ones for VS2005.

    Having looked at Microsoft's site it is not clear if these updated exams are
    available. Does anyone know if new versions of the following exams are

    70–320: Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft
    Visual C# and the Microsoft .NET Framework

    70–315: Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual
    C#â„¢ .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

    Best regards,

    Jeroen Ritmeijer
    Guest, Mar 29, 2006
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  2. Joseph Bittman MVP MCSD, Mar 29, 2006
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  3. Greetings!

    Seems to me you will want to have people take...,
    and maybe

    as for other things, I would try: WeFly247, especially WeFly247-50.
    If I understand your scenario correctly
    Gorm Braarvig, Mar 30, 2006
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What does RTMing mean??
    I passed the 70-536 exam last week and starting to studing for the 70-526.
    Guest, Oct 28, 2006
  5. RTM means Released To Manufacturing. It's in the context of "Final version
    has gone gold. It's Released!"
    Chris Mullins, Oct 28, 2006
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank goodness ... I thought it meant "retired"

    Thank you !!
    Guest, Oct 28, 2006
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