Adventures in calibrating using Monaco EZ Color 2.5 & their Optiz system...

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Jim Dalton, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. Jim Dalton

    Jim Dalton Guest

    It is a search for achieving good, reliable and consistent printing.

    First, I tried printing at a Ritz Camera that has a Fuji Frontier

    I do my own manipulation (although not to any great extent) on Adobe
    Photoshop and burn to a CD.

    After a series of absolute failures in getting consistent prints from
    Ritz, due to their regular "updates" and recalibration of their
    machine on a 2-3 month basis, a schedule that will forever force me to
    try calibrating to their system "by-eye" (a method of having them make
    a print and than making adjustments by holding the print in my hand
    and adjusting my monitor likewise) I decided to search for other

    After doing some homework, I opted to try the Epson 2200 7-ink
    printer. In a word, WOW! I achieve good results on matte finish
    paper and even better with semi-gloss.

    The only trouble I had was in achieving consistency on the first
    couple of test-prints I did..

    What I saw on my monitor was not what I was getting on my print, just
    like with Ritz. So, after more homework, I decided to go with a
    calibration system by Monaco, the EZ Color 2.5 & the Optix Monitor

    I ordered from Monaco on Friday and because they have a special
    promotion with Epson, I got a great deal.
    Seeing that they were in Andover, Mass., I decided to drive down there
    myself to (A) save on the shipping charges and (B) give myself the
    weekend to do experimenting. After GREAT difficulty in finding the
    place (the state of Massachusetts is not known for road signs) I
    finally found their location.

    I get home and go to install the thing at 4:45 PM.

    BUT WAIT!!!

    They didn't give me the full-blown version of EZ Color 2.5, they gave
    me the upgrade version instead.

    I call Monaco, but had to leave a message.

    It was now 4:50 and since they closed at 5 PM (and this was a Friday)
    I knew it wasn't going to bode well for me.

    5:20, I get a call from Monaco tech support. They can't do anything
    for me at present because the system is shut down, I'll have to wait
    until Monday.


    I call Monaco and after talking with Jim at tech support, he takes the
    initiative (something rare these days) and sets up a link for me so I
    can download the full version from their website. Further, they will
    overnight the installation disk for me.

    After much fooling around with an "IKernel.exe" problem, I finally get
    the program installed, but I cannot properly calibrate either of my
    scanners or my printer. I can, however, calibrate my monitor, which
    now has a beige-yellow hue to it.


    I wake up and realize why I can't calibrate my Nikon slide/negative
    scanner. I go right to work and rectify the problem almost
    immediately. I get it calibrated.

    I go to calibrate the printer and am prompted to use a piece of
    equipment that I don't seem to have.

    Another call to Monaco tech support, where I once again get Jim on the
    phone. I barely utter a few words when he begins apologizing

    "I'm so sorry Mr. Dalton, it never occurred to me that you didn't have
    that. It is included in the full-blown version, but since you got the
    upgrade AND we only sent you the disk, it was not included. I'll
    overnight it right away."

    So, here we are again.

    It's Wednesday and I got my overnight package (again) from Monaco and
    I have successfully calibrated my system.
    Understand that although I did much calibrating, I didn't know if it
    was successful until I was all done and had actually made a print!

    So the *final* result is this: So far, so good.

    I have printed out 4 test prints using a variety of settings and they
    are incredibly close to what I see on my monitor screen. Certainly
    much closer than what I got at Ritz.

    As far as I am concerned, it's bye-bye Frontier and HELLO to home
    printing!!! And a few more grey hairs!!!!

    Jim Dalton, Jul 23, 2003
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