Advantages/disadvantage of XD Memory

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Walter E., Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Walter E.

    Walter E. Guest

    Fuji and Olympus have come out with a new compact memory: The xd Camera

    Is the XD memory better or worse than the older types of camera memory

    Thanks for any insight
    Walter E., Oct 28, 2003
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  2. Walter E.

    Omega Guest

    XD cards are more secure. You can lock em which prevents accidental deletion
    of data. They are also faster and consume less power than Smart media cards.
    Not to mention it's the smallest flash memory card yet. Problem is, they're
    not so widely available yet, meaning higher price. I've seen Fuji XD cards
    on / *.ca for reasonable price...
    Omega, Oct 28, 2003
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  3. Walter E.

    Argon3 Guest

    I've always thought that a stiff wind would blow one of those tiny things out
    of your hand....small and easy to lose.

    Argon3, Oct 29, 2003
  4. Walter E.

    Q Guest

    Walter E. - typed:
    You've partially answered your own question - Olympus & Fuji - a bit
    like its predecessor. I don't know if SM could have been given much
    greater capacity for the contact count/architecture or not but the 256MB
    size never materialised. All these NAND based solutions have fairly
    sluggish throughput & I wouldn't expect any current form factor to last
    very long as a standard until the technology gives some worthwhile
    bandwidth & capacity.

    I think the dead storage cell management gets better with every new
    iteration so they should be more reliable. It's probable that xD uses an
    external CPU as did the SM card. Some would maintain the best format is
    CF 'cos its so widely used, has an onboard CPU, can have high capacity &
    can act as a holder for other card types, then there's the Microdrive. A
    bit big for a phone though. The Olympus C5050 hedges its bets, taking CF
    & xD - good for the owner but how much conviction have Oly got in xD's
    success by doing so?

    I'm glad I bought a 2nd 128MB SM card when the prices dipped - my C4040
    is using obsolete media, though still obtainable. I thought something
    was amiss with SM when SanDisk removed all their whitepapers etc from
    their website ~2 yrs ago. Oly, IMO, made a tactical blunder launching xD
    with far lower max capacity than its well established rivals & only Fuji
    as a partner. At least they now come in 512MB even if you do need a f/w
    update to use one as does the C-50! Having had my fingers burnt with SM,
    I wouldn't make the same mistake twice. The fact so many cameras won't
    take the higher capacity cards at all or need updating to do so, is
    beyond me.
    Q, Oct 31, 2003
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