Advanced Button Greyed out in Wireless Network Connection Properties

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by JFountai, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. JFountai

    JFountai Guest

    I work in the pharmaceutical industry in the IT department. I currently
    support just shy of 400 users. At least half of the users use high
    speed to connect to our network and most of them use wireless. We
    currently use Toshiba Tecra M3 as a standard for their laptops. When we
    set their laptops up here, we are able to connect to our wireless
    network here which is a Nexland router. As soon as we send that laptop
    out to the rep and they try connecting to a different wireless network,
    usually they will be able to connect up just fine only ONCE. After
    that, they try right clicking on the wireless network connection, and
    click View Available Wireless Networks. Once that window comes up,
    everything is greyed out EXCEPT the cancel button. In this case we are
    forced to have them run a script that reinstalls their wireless network
    adapter from an unzipped file from Toshiba that includes wireless
    network adapter drivers and then the user has to reboot in order to be
    able to connect to their network. Is there some kind of fix or
    something else we can do to NOT have to reinstall their wireless
    whenever they wish to connect to a different router or network?
    JFountai, Aug 11, 2005
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  2. JFountai

    JackBMG Guest

    I have been dealing with this problem for a year now and the only
    reliable way I can find to fix this (temporarily) is to uninstall the
    wireless driver in safe mode, then scan for hardware changes and then
    reboot..basically what you are doing now. There are a lot of posts
    about this problem on other sites with no answers.
    This problem starts when I connect to a different wireless access
    point. Once I have this working on one network, it will continue to
    work (well, most of the time). But once I hit another WAP, I may hit
    the problem, or connect successfully. Either way (whether I succeed,
    or then go thru the process of uninstalling/reinstalling my driver),
    once I go back to my other network, the problem occurs. This seems to
    indicate corruption of the driver.
    I have ruled out the Wireless Zero Configuration in admin tools
    services - I set it to manual, restarted, and still had the same
    problem. You'll see posts indicating that this is a way to fix it... I
    I think this is an issue with the driver itself: mine is an Intel
    "High Rate Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Adapter with Modem II". I have tried
    to update the driver in the past with no luck and probably should focus
    on that a bit more. I'll keep you posted.
    If anyone has any answers, please post and email...
    This is not a firewall, spyware, virus issue..i have ruled all of this
    out. I'm also running XP Pro - SP1
    JackBMG, Sep 2, 2005
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