ADSL WIC support - which NM's, and which IOS versions?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Kralizec Craig, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've acquired an ADSL WIC to use but need to upgrade the IOS on my Cisco
    3620 router (currently running 12.2.3 with IO3 feature set). A few people
    have told me that the ADSL WIC's only work in certain NM's. I have a NM-2E2W
    in the router and that already has a single-BRI WIC in one of the WIC slots.

    Does anyone know with certainty what version(s) and feature set(s) of IOS
    support ADSL WIC's and which network modules those WIC's are supported in?



    PS. I have an image of c3620-is-mz.123-6a.bin here which I plan to load into
    flash on the router and try out with the ADSL card today.
    Kralizec Craig, Nov 2, 2005
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  2. Kralizec Craig

    Matty M Guest


    The only modules I know that will work is the NM1FE2W or the NM2FE2W for
    sure. It will not work with your NM2E2W. As for the IOS it should work fine
    with 123-6a.bin, just dont use the latest 123-16.bin because Cisco have
    broke something which stops the ADSL WIC working. :)


    Matty M, Nov 2, 2005
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  3. Ah ok thanks Matt. A few other people emailed me saying the same thing
    regarding which NM's the ADSL WIC can work in. The NM-1FE2W and NM-2FE2W are
    several orders of magnitude higher in cost that the NM-1E2W and NM-2E2W so
    I'll need to look around to see how that fits into the budget. :cool:

    Re the IOS version, thanks. I've noticed Cisco are release IOS 12.4
    variations now but I imagine most people are still using 12.2 or 12.3
    versions in their 36xx units.


    Kralizec Craig, Nov 12, 2005
  4. Kralizec Craig

    Gary Guest

    FWIW c2800nm-ipbase-mz.123-8.T5.bin works fine with 2800's

    Also 12.2 works great with 3640's and NM-2FE-2W's

    Using the cisco tools and assuming a 3640 with 1 x NM-1E2W and a WIC-1T and
    an IP feature set they suggest only one IOS so the choice is simple.
    C3640-I-MZ.111-7.AA which needs 17MB DRAM and 4MB Flash


    Gary, Nov 12, 2005
  5. Kralizec Craig

    Gary Guest

    I just added that release into my hardware config and the configurator says
    there is a problem with the mix, so even though cisco say it will work they
    also say it will not. Take care if you upgrade to this version regardless of
    maintenance release you select.

    Might be best to go 2800 or add a NM-1FE-2W

    Gary, Nov 12, 2005
  6. Ok thanks - looks like I might abandon using the WIC-1ADSL given the
    ludicrous pricing of NM-2FE2W's and use a standalone ADSL router (perhaps a
    Cisco 827 - maybe something else) hooked to the second ethernet port of the
    NM-2E2W I've got installed in the 3620 now.


    Craig Ian Dewick, Dec 8, 2005
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