ADSL sync rate gradually decreases over several days

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Mortimer, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Mortimer

    Mortimer Guest

    My girlfriend's ADSL connection (Tiscali, using a Netgear DG834PN router)
    gradually syncs at a slower and slower speed if the router is rebooted and
    then left for a couple of days.

    After a reboot, it gets around 2500-3500 kbps. Over the course of several
    days, if I check the router's stats, the sync speed falls gradually: on one
    occasion it might be 1500, on another 1000. The worst case is when it falls
    as low as 160 kps (!).

    The line stats look good:

    Attenuation 39.0 20.5
    Margin 18.1 19.0

    after a reboot

    and very similar even when the speed has fallen to 160.

    The router's Up Time and the log file entries "Inistialise LCP", "CHAP
    authentication success" show that the router remains connected even over the
    time when the sync rate decreases: it's not (apparently) disconnecting and
    then reconnecting at a slower speed.

    The real problem is that by the time one of us notices, the exchange
    equipment has adjusted the IP profile to a speed that matches the sync
    speed, so even when the router is rebooted and gets a high sync speed once
    more, it takes several hours to get back a high data throughput speed (as
    measured by once the IP profile has been reset to the

    Tiscali thought they had improved things by "increasing the gain on the
    line" but that only seemed to bring about temporary improvement and could
    have been coincidence.

    I've not yet tried a different router. Is it plausible that it could be a
    router problem? Is it worth me getting a different router to try?
    Mortimer, Feb 5, 2010
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  2. Mortimer

    Mortimer Guest

    I'll try that some time. I've just set up a BT Voyager 2091 router as a
    temporary replacement, so I'll see how that fares over the next few days.
    Mortimer, Feb 5, 2010
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