ADSL modem/router with decent manageability & security?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by graham, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    I’m looking for a well made, reliable ADSL modem/router + firewall, wireless optional.
    This must be a common situation! but I seem to be asking for more than the standard consumer stuff. Surely I can't be that unusual?!

    In particular I want this thing to have:

    • solid reliability
    • snmp reporting (to monitor the device with cacti (an rrd/mrtg based tool))
    • remote syslog logging (for tracking issues, like security detections)
    • “decent” security – which I guess at my SOHO price point means “SPI”. But especially a usefully configurable one. If this is too much to ask I suppose I could buy a basic (but still reliable) ADSL modem and put another device between it and my LAN to provide firewalling with, for example OpenWRT (not sure how SNMP or syslog would make it into my LAN then)

    So, what do people here use in that sort of environment?
    Something off the shelf would be nice, though I could handle putting OpenWRT on a device if necessary.. manufacturers I've considered are:

    Draytek Currently I have a Draytek Vigor 2500 - it's been reliable but that's all I can say for it... the firewall is a pain to set up, with no ability to insert a rule between existing ones, the syslog messages are cryptic to say the least and splatter numerous facilities, but worse Draytek UK have been very poor at releasing updates some of which have included security fixes. Some updates have deleted existing configuration which is useless with a large firewall config. I think the real problem is that Draytek is a franchise, so releases from the manufacturer then have to go through Draytek-uk who mess about with them potentially "tailoring" the features for their market... So not interested in another Draytek.

    Netgear or Buffalo I've not had good experience with either.

    Linksys the WRT54G boxes I use (installed with Tomato firmware) seem to reboot themselves fairly often that I'd not want them on the critical network path.

    Speedtouch I looked at a couple of basic ADSL routers but the firewall configuration seemed very basic to say the least.

    tp-link came across in some forum, specs seem OK, but never heard of them before. Anyone used them?

    sonicwall Looked at the TZ100 out of curiosity despite the price. The layer 7 firewalling is impressive but does require subscription. Really this is beyond my price point!
    graham, Mar 3, 2011
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