ADSL Modem and wireless networking

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by sheila, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. sheila

    sheila Guest

    I successfully linked up a home wireless network via Desktop PC access point
    and Laptop with wireless card. Desktop PC has Speedtouch USB ADSL PPP for
    BT Broadband via the telephone line.

    Desktop PC has Arcadyan Wireless PCI 802.11b/g adapter WN4201B "softAp
    access point". Laptop has Intel Pro 2200BG Wireless thinngy. Both puters
    are XP home. Networking fine. Even managed to do the WEP

    I tried and failed to connect a Linksys @ home Home wireless-G Gateway model
    HG200, which has a socket for Line Ethernet and power. It was my intention
    to not to have to turn on the desktop pc, and connect to internet before I
    could use the internet on the laptop.

    Thinking about it now though, is that even possible, i.e. how would the
    router dial up the internet without going through the desktop?

    Basically can I connect to my BT broadband wirelessly on the laptop via the
    router, without having to turn on the desktop pc?

    Hope you know what I mean can't explain it any better.

    Dell 9300 Laptop
    Windows XP home
    Intel Pro 2200BG Wireless

    Compaq desktop
    Windows XP home
    Wireless PCI 802.11b/g adapter WN4201B (Wireless SoftAP - the access point )

    Linksys @ home Home wireless-G Gateway model HG200

    sheila, Nov 24, 2005
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  2. sheila

    docmill Guest

    You have way more hardware than you need. If you had a wireless router
    with 4 ehternet connections you'd be done. Try put the wireless access
    point on the ethernet conection that the hardware says it belongs on.
    docmill, Nov 24, 2005
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  3. sheila

    sheila Guest

    The access point screws into the desktop pc.

    sheila, Nov 24, 2005
  4. sheila

    Tony Guest

    The router will connect directly to your BT Broadband. You will have to
    access the setup to put in your broadband username and password. The
    instructions that came with it are pretty comprehensive. In case you
    haven't got them to hand, there is an online copy at

    Make sure that when you set it up, you are connected to it by the LAN cable
    and your PC is set to automatically receive IP addresses. Then type into the address bar on internet explorer and it will
    take you to the set up.
    Tony, Nov 24, 2005
  5. sheila

    Tony Guest

    The router will replace the wireless access point so you can "unscrew" it.

    You will also need to delete the Speedtouch USB software. If you run the
    network wizard again, select "this computer connects to the internet through
    another computer or gateway" i.e. it will connect through the Linksys
    Tony, Nov 24, 2005
  6. sheila

    docmill Guest

    If it connects to the desktop, yea the desktop has to be powered. Change
    the alignment if you can.
    docmill, Nov 24, 2005
  7. sheila

    Duane Arnold Guest

    Duane Arnold, Nov 24, 2005
  8. sheila

    PC Guest

    May I suggest the following steps to configure your network so you connect
    via the Linksys irrespective of the on / off state of your other PC (either
    laptop or Desktop)

    1 Obtain appropriate ADSL details from your ISP (most have a page on their
    websites with requisite settings)
    2 Note your username & password.
    3 Remove speedtouch modem and software.
    4 Connect Linksyst to ADSL enabled phone line via filter.
    5 Connect your desktop to the Linksys via ethernet cable
    6 Start Linksys first then the desktop PC
    7 Follow the instructions in the Linksys manual by going to from
    your Web Browser, type admin for user.... etc.
    (if you cannot get to the Linksys login window check your TCP/IP settings
    for the Ethernet Connection in 'Network Connections' is set to 'get address
    automatically (DHCP)' repairing if necessary.
    8 Enter the appropriate details and your username and password into the
    Linksys, see the Linksys quick installation guide.
    9 Save and reboot the Linksys to 'set' your details.
    10 Confirm you can access the internet normally, if not redo items 7 thru 9
    consulting your ISP's helpdesk as necessary.
    11 Reenter the Linksys at and configure the Wireless facility.
    Don't use WEP or WPA till your other wireless connected PC's are properly
    connected. Save & reboot Linksys. See chapter 5 of your Linksys User guide.
    12 Configure Wireless networked PC's (Laptop) check for internet
    13 Reenter Linksys from Desktop and set security. (WPA-PSK) is prefered a)
    more secure b) easiest to set up. Save and reboot Linksys
    14 Go back to Wireless connected PC and reconnect entering the WPA-PSK key
    you used in step 13.
    15 If you wish you can now disconnect the Ethernet connection from your
    Desktop and change over to the PCI wireless card after setting it up with
    SSID, WPA-PSK key etc.
    However I would strongly advocate you leave at least one PC connected to the
    Linksys via Ethernet cable.
    a) the Ethernet connection is 2-3 times faster than the Wireless and is
    considerably more reliable.
    b) when you have Wireless problems you have to connect via the Ethernet
    cable to configure the Linksys anyway.

    If you leave the Desktop connected via Ethernet cable then you have two
    pieces of gear you can sell off.

    Best luck.
    PC, Nov 24, 2005
  9. sheila

    sheils Guest

    Thanks for all your help/suggestions everyone will give it another go when I
    feel brave enough. I have print outs now of all my settings WITHOUT router,
    so I hopefully can go back to where I started if it all goes boobies up.
    sheils, Nov 24, 2005
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