ADSL load balancing

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Aitor Barrio, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. Aitor Barrio

    Aitor Barrio Guest

    I have a Cisco 2600 with one Frame Relay connection to internet access. I
    do NAT to all my intenernal computers, so all them go to internet with the
    same public IP address.

    But I am thinking pay one DSL connection. With this, I will have two public
    IP address and, of course, two access. The idea I have is perform load
    balancing with this two lines. This load balancing is only to outbound
    traffic, because I have no services publiced in that router.

    Is there any problem? If I configure my router with two static default
    routes :

    ip route serial0
    ip route atm0

    The outbound traffic will be balanced. But perhaps there would be a probem
    with nat. I will configure two nat instances (one per interface). When one
    internal computer init a http connection to internet, the router will add a
    new nat entry in the nat table in one interface, ie DSL, so this connection
    goes to internet with the public ip address of the DSL. But the next paquet
    the client will send... acroos what interface goes to internet? DSL again?
    Does the router look for in the nat table before the routing table?
    Perhaps, if the router peform load balancing, the router add a new nat entry
    in the other interface (Frame Relay).

    Some one can help me to resolve this question??
    Aitor Barrio, Nov 5, 2003
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