adobe tryting to connect to every time i open a pdf file

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by s, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. s

    s Guest

    The IP belongs to something/body in New York City. It is not Adobe's
    update site where the software is trying to check for updates. I use
    Symantec Client Security ver 9.0,Adware,Spybot Search and destroy and
    Spywareblaster update them regularly and scan the machine using them
    and have found no problems.

    Can anybody let me know what could be the reason.

    Am I a target of new virus/worm or malware?

    s, Aug 30, 2005
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  2. s

    Eric R Guest

    Sorry, don't know but I use a tiny stand alone program called foxit
    reader for viewing pdf's. I suggest you try it and dump adobe. I
    think it's free.

    from the readme file...

    "Welcome to Foxit Reader

    Foxit Reader is the only eligible alternative reader/viewer for PDF
    files (eBooks).
    It's smaller, faster, and cleaner. And it's free.

    Please read the license agreement at rd_eula.txt within this package.
    You MUST agree
    all terms in this agreement in order to use Foxit PDF Reader legally.

    You don't need to go throught lengthy installation process to start
    using Foxit Reader,
    just UNZIP the downloaded "" package into any place you want,
    then run FoxitReader.exe.

    You can set Foxit Reader as your default PDF reader, so you can double
    click on PDF
    files to open them within Foxit Reader.

    If you want to uninstall Foxit Reader, please remove all Foxit Reader
    If you want to switch default PDF reader back to your previous reader,
    please run the
    other reader (e.g. Adobe Reader) you have, and set it as the default
    Eric R, Aug 30, 2005
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