adhoc wireless network I NEED HELP PRETTY PLEAS

Discussion in 'General Computer Support' started by abouttosmashmylaptop, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Apr 6, 2008
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    I have 2 laptops i'm trying to transfer files from, my old laptop with windows xp home edition TO my new laptop with windows vista home edition and i want to do this through adhoc wireless network. Both laptops has built in wireless adapter or capability (whatever u want to call it). I have enabled the entire drive for file sharing on both laptops. I have successfully created a adhoc computer to computer network i called it (MCainforpresident) on my vista computer. When i click view networks on my old laptop i see the (MCainforpresident) adhoc network i created from my vista computer. So i click on it then i enter the security Key. Now both computers are connected but i cant View/MAP neither network drives eitherway. Here are a few things i've tried, to corret the problem (1) check to make sure that COMPUTER BROWSER IS STARTED. (2) deleted the adhoc network and recreate another one.(3) I have made sure that the printer and public folder sharing is on and file sharing is on both computers.and still no luck. On my xp computer i click start then search. Then while in the search browser i have the option of searching for computers in the network. I tried that and the search only return the computer name for that computer.
    This is why i went in to my basement and got my baseball bat and layed it next to my laptop.Im going crazy i have google so many search phrases and tried som many suggestion from other forums but im still at stage1. What i cant understand is that both computers are connected but they cant find either computer on the network. and i know for a fact that the computer names i've typed in to map the drive is accurate. Any help will be Greatly appreciated. HELP ME PLEASE-----IF THIS DOESNT' WORK I MIGHT VOTE FOR OBAMA. LOL:loo: :loo: :loo:
    abouttosmashmylaptop, Apr 6, 2008
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