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Discussion in 'MCSD' started by kinglate, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. kinglate

    kinglate Guest


    I am a Chinese, and I am work at Japan now.
    I want to get the exam when next Jan. or Feb that is my holiday in
    but I have no time to wait to get the for the certificate send to China
    because of I have to back to Japan for work.
    So, I hope I can get the test in China and the certificate send to Japan.
    Is that OK?
    kinglate, Oct 16, 2007
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  2. kinglate

    Guest Guest

    Probably not, but you should contact Microsoft Learning directly on this.
    Due to the fact that some of your Chinese brethren have been dishonest, and
    have taken the exams for other people, claiming to be them, Microsoft has
    limited exams in China to Chinese citizens only. I am sure that Microsoft
    would think you were a Japanese citizen paying a Chinese person to take the
    exam for them.

    In the United States, our postal service will forward mail to another
    address if you are going to be away for a few months (up to 6 months, I
    believe). If your postal service has the same feature, it may be best if you
    use it.

    If you ever see one of those "proxy testers" who are ruining your abilities
    to take exams when and where you want to, you have my permission to slug
    them. (Actually, it would be better to report their names and addresses to
    Microsoft.) It will make your certifications and my certifications more
    valuable if you do.

    Best wishes on your certification studies.

    P.S. You are aware that there is no " exam," but rather it is a
    series of exams, aren't you?
    Guest, Oct 17, 2007
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  3. kinglate

    kinglate Guest

    thank you Larry,
    Now I think I see that problem,it seems like I must get the exam in Japan.
    I just want to back to China to take the test because I am not very good at
    Japanse.but now I think I'd better to take the test here. And I will be get
    70-229 in Nov. for my first step.

    btw:MCSD.Net it means 70-300,70-315,70-316,70-320 and 70-229.I don't know
    how to call it,maybe it should be "new editon of mcsd"?:)

    Thank you for your help again:)
    kinglate, Oct 20, 2007
  4. kinglate

    Guest Guest

    You're welcome.
    I don't think you are limited to the national language when you take an
    exam. I do know that if you take the exam in English in a non-English
    country, Microsoft gives you an extra thirty minutes. Perhaps you will get
    the same if you take the exam in Chinese in Japan. Check the language
    drop-down when you sign up for the exam on
    Speaking of China, I have a phone interview for a contract in Beijing on
    Monday night [US time]. Can you give me an idea of how much housing would be
    over there? For example, here in the US, someone working in New York City
    would need about twice as much as most other places in the country due to the
    high cost of living there.
    Guest, Oct 21, 2007
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