Adaptec 2940 UW Hnags when reading/writing?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ddivita3, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. ddivita3

    ddivita3 Guest

    I have a 2940UW controller connected to an internal UW Drive and
    external Scanner. The scanner's cable is a 25 pin to 68 Pin.
    Everything works pretty well except when I try to read and write to my
    internal UW drive. The processes starts out normal then a few seconds
    the system hangs then starts back up again. It is not just once during
    a reading or writing processes that this happens. It continues
    throughout reading or writing a file. My IDE channels are fine. If I
    remove the cable that connects the external scanner to the controller
    everything is back to normal. I have the Adaptec set for automatic
    termination. Any Ideas?

    Daniel C. Di Vita
    ddivita3, Oct 14, 2003
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  2. ddivita3

    Stevo Guest

    If the scanner is external, I would have thought that the Adaptec should not
    be terminated, try setting it manually rather than automatically. The
    scanner is terminated? If not, it should be.
    Stevo, Oct 14, 2003
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  3. ddivita3

    ddivita3 Guest

    I have tried having the scanner terminated and not terminated and have
    the same issue. I, however, set the adaptec to manual termination.
    ddivita3, Oct 14, 2003
  4. ddivita3

    Stevo Guest

    Have you had a look on the adaptec website for any suggestions? Does the
    card have an IRQ speciffically assigned (i.e. not shared) ? What IRQ does it

    Given the symptoms of the effect of the external scanner though, I would be
    looking at some of the settings to see what can be changed...
    Stevo, Oct 14, 2003
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