Active Directory Problem / Sync and Group Policy.

Discussion in 'General Computer Support' started by keithalmli, Aug 11, 2007.

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    Aug 11, 2007
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    L'Anse, MI
    I use Windows Server 2000 / With Sp4.. I'm also using ISA Server.. I have Active Directory installed, and it runs 15 Users and 8 Computer (client machines) This also has Group Policy Implemented between 3 admins and 12 regular users.

    Now the problem i keep having is..:

    The server will become unresponsive as in (Syncronizing.) user data. Which will come up as an error that it cannot find my server "AQUA" However all other services including ISA work.

    Logins will not of any sort. Nor syncronizing of any data..

    If i login to the admin account on the server.. it will not display the desktop and Start menu.

    When i restart the service "server" Everyting becomes functional again until a random time again.. and then we start back again at either restarting completly or just restarting services.

    However it does not show up in any log.. and also can be fixed if i simply restart the "Server" service, which will include a restart of the following services: " Net Logon, Message Queuing, Distributed File System, and Computer Browser"

    Thanks in advance.
    keithalmli, Aug 11, 2007
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