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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Silverstrand, Aug 24, 2005.

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    Jun 20, 2005
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    Aug 2005 - It's simple Re-Invent - Blackfire4 is now equipped with DualPower - it somehow seems logical that you shouldn't have to dim the lights when you slowdown the fan; switch off the fan when you switch off the lights - why? why hasnt anyone else done DualPower™? AC Ryan DualPower™ - it does make sense!
    Re-Invent Blackfire4 - Remember the first crudely made LED fans? Since then, not much has changed till now. In Spring 2004, when AC Ryan extended its UVactive fever to fans, the Blackfire4 was created. The Blackfire4's UVcolor with 10 colors in 3 sizes has since won awards and wow-ed users and reviewers with its bright UVcolor (AC Ryan is afterall the "king" of UVactive fever).
    Now the Blackfire4 gets a Re-Invent update with DualPower™ - nothing revolutionary, just simple and useful. But what does it mean?
    DualPower™ = Independant power for UVLED and Fan = you can :
    - adjust fan speed without dimming the lights
    - turn off the lights when you dont want them lighted
    - put the lights on light controllers (flashing sequence, remote control etc) without affecting the fan
    - control light brightness & fan speed separately
    - put the lights on soundcontrol and not affect the fanspeed
    With AC Ryan's cabling design, each Blackfire4 fan is both DualPower™ or classic single power (where both LED & fan share the same power) - it's your choice. It's your mod.
    DualPower™ is a unique Blackfire4 feature pioneered by AC Ryan - AC Ryan simply makes your mods more modded!
    Did you know? All Blackfire4 fans are sleeved with UVcolor FlexSleeve matching its frame - eg. Blackfire4 UVBlue-Green fans has UVBlue sleeving, Blackfire4 UVOrange-Blue fans has UVOrange sleeving.
    About Re-Invent - AC Ryan's Re-Invent phase includes Roundcable2-FX, Blackfire4 DualPower. Look out for more Re-Invent releases where classic and familiar modding stuff are given the AC Ryan's simple & creative twist of Re-Invent!
    Silverstrand, Aug 24, 2005
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