Acronis True Image (Drive Imaging), PartititionMagic and MultbootSystems

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Harvey Gratt, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. Harvey Gratt

    Harvey Gratt Guest

    I have a couple of questions which have arisen from a thread on the
    Acronis forum - no real answer was forthcoming, although Acronis
    offered to help on an individual basis. Basically, they said the answer
    was "very complicated". I am trying to get some more insight on the
    following situation for later use. Also, not much help from other

    1. I have a system setup for dual boot using PartitionMagic 8.01
    (performed by a friend, win xp pro and win98se). If I want to delete the
    win98se, the instructions say to uninstall BootMagic (the PM boot
    manager) before deleting the partition and resizing and moving the other
    partition. Does this PM process automatically create the proper boot.ini
    file for the remaining XP partition? Does the above still apply if
    instead of a win98se partition, I had a second XP partition that I
    wanted to remove?

    2. If I later want to use TI to restore the deleted win98se partition
    (or second XP partition), is the appropriate boot.ini file automatically

    3. As a concrete example, the win98se partition is the first followed by
    a FAT32 data partition and then the XP partition. My intent was to
    (using PM) delete the first two partitions and then make the XP
    partition the first (and only) one. That was when I saw this thread with
    its references to the boot.ini file. It made me wonder if the boot.ini
    file in the XP partition would be automatically modified as required. It
    also made me wonder what would happen if I instead used TI to load an
    old (from the dual boot image), saved partition image to the newly
    created partition on the disk. Would that work properly, or would there
    be issue due to an improperly configured boot.ini file?

    I would appreciate any help I can get in understanding what is involved

    Harvey Gratt, Nov 4, 2004
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