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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Acer, Aug 13, 2004.

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    I recently have been looking for new laptop that came with a DVD Dual burner
    (+/- RW) and decided
    to go with an Acer TravelMate 291 LMi-G (sku: LX.T3506.160) based on the
    specs available on Acer's

    After I received the computer (bought through the internet) I found out that
    the operating system (XP Professional)
    has not been supplied with the computer. It came only with a "recovery CD"
    which does not allow you to set any partitions
    or anything else (does not ask you any questions).

    I also noted that there is no documentation for the components that go into
    the computer so I could not verify if I received the right
    parts or not (except for info from Device manager - take the model number
    and go to manufacturer's website to check it out - hard work).

    Well, after one month or so (June 22, 2004) I had to burn a DVD+R media and
    when tried to do so, the drive did not recognize it and going through the
    to find out what drive I have, I found that the drive I have can only burn
    DVD-RW media.

    I contacted Acer and after several days (they said they will call me back
    because can not get a hold of the engineers in Taiwan to figure out if my
    laptop came with the advertised drive) they agreed to send me one and they
    said it will arrive in two days.
    Three days have passed and no sign of the drive and contacted them again.
    They apologized saying that the drive is in backorder and don't
    know when is coming from Taiwan. Asking them why I was not notified from the
    beginning about this fact, they mentioned that there is no info about the
    items in stock.

    Two weeks have passed until I received the drive (July 8, 2004), placed it
    in my computer and tried it out; it only worked partially:
    1) The NTI CD Maker Gold 6 that came with the computer did not recognize
    the drive
    2) In Windows Explorer when trying to read CD-RW media previously burned
    with the existing drive, it did not see anything

    Looking more careful at the drive I noticed that it has been previously used
    and manufactured in February 2004 (and now we are July 2004).
    If it came from Taiwan I just did not think those people keep the drive in
    stock for 6 months ?! So something was fishy about their (ACER) story.

    I immediately contacted them and told what the symptoms were and the tech
    person told me to return the drive and they will ship me a new one.
    Again they assured me a new drive will be shipped to me in two days, and
    again after two days they found out the drive is in backorder and again
    it has to come from Taiwan.

    After calling almost daily to find out the status of my problem, I also
    asked to talk with one of the Supervisors and day by day each technician has
    declined to transfer me saying that I have no reason to talk with a

    Well, nice policy ACER AMERICA ! Even on their website all the contact
    information will only go back to the same number
    1-800-816-2237 and no email Customer Service is available.

    On July 25, 2004 when calling to ask about the status of my problem, the
    tech support guy has told me that they tested the drive sent to me
    before it was shipped and there was nothing wrong with it. So, I replied, if
    it was thoroughly tested as you mentioned why it was partially
    working on my computer ? And why you only mention about this after this time
    ?! It did not make sense to me where these people
    are trying to go ?!

    Now they have told me that a new drive will not be sent to me because I need
    to send the computer in for an evaluation !? I told them the computer is
    and is nothing wrong with it and is working with the drive that it
    originally came with.
    Because I use the computer to earn my living with, I told them that I can do
    that only if they send me a replacement and the said no.

    Finally I just realized how LOW these people are ! A large company that does
    business with the entire North American market use these kind of
    practices to avoid paying for their mistakes !

    Now they have changed the advertisement on their website and the laptop
    specs now only call for a DVD-RW drive.

    Because I am fed up with the disrespectful way they are honoring their
    warranty commitments I am writing this email to inform the general public
    about it and also find out if there are any other people like me who have
    been lured to purchase an ACER product only to find out the company
    is using false advertising practices !

    Someone may argue that there is a disclaimer on every page that the
    information may not be accurate, but for a company who is using these
    pages as advertising matter (especially when people are making Internet
    purchases), sorry but these disclaimers are invalid !
    False advertising is what it states, nothing else and no excuses !


    Would like to hear form you : [email protected]<get this out>.com
    Acer, Aug 13, 2004
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