acer aspire one expansion sd card prob

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by berksposter, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. berksposter

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    Hi I' recently bought an acer aspire one with 8gb ssd and linpus.

    I added a 16gb sd card to the expansion slot on the left side, it was
    recognised ok and added to the storage.

    I then tried adding ubuntu as a dual boot intalling from a usb key. This
    didnt really work, cant remember why but I restored the one using the acer
    restore disk and a usb key.

    Problem is the extended memory sd card in the left slot seems to have been
    partitioned into two. I want to wipe this card reformat it and reinstall it
    like new into the newly restored one.

    I cant work out how to wipe/format the card. I've tried in windows but the
    card isnt recognised (i guess cos it is linux formatted, i even tried in
    control panel/admin tools/comp management/disk management as you can often
    do things to/see disks that windows doesnt recognise)

    I tried formatting the card in a camera but the camera doesnt see it.

    I guess I need to do it in linux, I have ubuntu and fedora on swappable
    drives i use.

    What are the commands i'd use in the terminal to repartition the sd card
    into one and wipe it clean?

    Or if I restore the one again using the restore usb key, with the sd card in
    the upgrade slot, will this wipe
    the card too?, or just the internal ssd memory?

    I've done "df" in terminal and got:

    filesystem 1k blocks used avail
    use% mounted on
    /dev/sda1 6720248 3051328 3327544 48% /
    none 252364 0 252364
    0% /dev/shm
    none 6720248 3051328 3327544 48%
    /dev/mmcblk0p1 7629608 148260 7093780 3%
    /dev/mmcblk0p5 7416060 147756 6891584 3%

    The sd card is no longer in the left slot but in the multicard reader on the
    Can someone explain what the two "none"s are? I guess the "mmcblk" entries
    are the
    partitions on the sd card.

    What is a good online resource to learn about the terminal/shell/bash (are
    these the same things?)

    berksposter, Oct 19, 2008
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