ACDSee doesn't support Corel!

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by JunkMonkey, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. JunkMonkey

    JunkMonkey Guest

    I am a recent convert to Corel Graphics Suite V9- a Great product BTW -
    Especially PhotoPaint. Well, the other day I realized that I couldn't see
    Photopaint files in ACDSee and went to ACDSee's file associations to add

    That's when I realized that ACDSee doesn't support ANY Corel file formats!
    (Odd when you realize they are now selling a package that includes Corel
    PhotoPaint in Europe). This is an important enough issue to me that I am
    willing to switch to a New Photo Organizer package. Could some of you good
    people check your favorite organizer software and let me know if it supports
    Corel? Especially the PhotoPaint format .cpt.

    I know Canto Cumulus does support Corel as a version is packaged in the
    Graphics Suite, but Canto Cumulus is pretty lame compared to ACDSee. I am
    most interested in packages with a feature set similar to ACDSee but I am
    willing to entertain a bold new direction if need be.
    JunkMonkey, Jul 13, 2003
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  2. JunkMonkey

    Scott Ranger Guest

    The .cpt file format is proprietary, owned by Corel. ACDSee would have to
    enter into some sort of arrangement with Corel to support it. Corel is in
    dire economic condition and is asking money for everything. Corel is a great
    example of how money-hungry folks can destroy a company and a great product.
    I look for Corel to be completely dead next year this time, with it's
    remnants purchased by Microsoft for pennies on the dollar. CorelDraw is an
    amazing program, and Photopaint very good. I've switched almost entirely to
    Photoshop for bitmap editing, but still go to CorelDraw over Illustrator for
    my vector needs.

    Scott Ranger
    Scott Ranger, Jul 14, 2003
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  3. JunkMonkey

    JunkMonkey Guest

    Most file formats are proprietary and most owners expect money for the
    rights to use their property. Corel is not unique in respect. If this were
    the case, I would have expected Corel and ACDSee to have come to an
    arrangement when they got the rights to sell PhotoPaint.

    Microsoft already owns a chunk of Corel. Personally, I would love to see
    Microsoft to buy the Graphics Suite and aggressively market it. Adobe has
    way too much influence in the computer graphics arena.
    JunkMonkey, Jul 15, 2003
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