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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by tosh, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. tosh

    tosh Guest

    I have just bought two Dlink ap900+ access points.

    One to try and reach a neighbour with DSL and the second to replace a USB
    DWL120 wireless adapter on second PC at home 7Metres away.

    Up to now one connected and used as an access point direct to my main PC
    (Most sites give details but include a router in the configuration, which I
    don't have) I am directly connected via NIC and crossover cable into AP.
    This gives roaming access to the Laptop and works OK (I had a USB dlink
    DWL120 (credit card
    size) here before and the range was twice that of the ap900+)

    The range and setup of the ap900+ I found to be poor. Inside I have no solid
    walls and struggle to get
    30 feet and 10feet down to the living area (tips on specific settings on
    this AP appreciated!!)

    Anyway I digress, I cant get DSL service here but a neighbour 400feet away
    has access, I will be looking at trying to piggy backing on to him for
    internet with one of the AP in the future. Will need some pointers here too.

    To get the hang of using access points I tried this internally at home using
    the second PC as Wireless client to the first. I couldn't get the client pc
    to get on the net even though the APs could see each other (but only in
    config software) and the one set to wireless client had the Mac addy of the
    other AP inputted OK. I am still not 100% up to speed with the role of AP
    and how they should be used. Especially as I don't use a router and each AP
    connects to the PCs using Ethernet NIC its a bit confusing because you cant
    see them (if you know what I mean) only the LAN card they are on. Plus
    setting them up means assigning static ip in same range to get access to
    config then if needed returning to original ip. All very long winded.

    So after explaining all of that which is bothering me, I don't have much
    confidence in setting up a mid range link of 400feet.

    Questions are

    Using AP should give wireless connectivity to pc it connects too via
    Ethernet link? or do I then need a separate wireless unit (either pci or
    USB) attached to this second pc?

    Should using the second AP as wireless client be straightforward or have I
    missed something?

    Why aren't these AP as easy to use as the USB ones which really are plug and
    go (personal view)

    Thanks for your time


    tosh, Jul 19, 2003
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