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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Silverstrand, Jan 28, 2006.

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    Jun 20, 2005
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    Quote: “If you are a modder you already know about AC Ryan, or you certainly should. AC Ryan is one of the leaders in modding supplies, with everything from Cold Cathode lights, fans, modding mesh, plastics and tons of great doohickeys that help make any mod just that much cooler. So it’s no surprise that they have just the right gadgets to make modding easier. Such is the case with the Backy. The concept is fairly simple and straight-forward, it’s been done before but not with so many flavors and combinations as AC Ryan provides. The item I am reviewing here is a back plate device that brings your molex power connector, 2 pin power connector and SATA power connector to the outside of your case so you can plug in your devices without having to crack the case to do so.”

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    Silverstrand, Jan 28, 2006
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