AC/DC "Live at Donnington" &. Rolling Stones' "Four Flicks" dvd comments

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Thomas Bell, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. Thomas Bell

    Thomas Bell Guest

    I picked up the Rolling Stones massive "Four Flicks" 4 dvd box yesterday
    along with AC/DC's "Live At Donnington" dvd.

    First off, the AC/DC show was originally released on vhs and laserdisc
    in the early 90's and featured AC/DC's 1991 Donnington show. Of the
    three live AC/DC dvds officially out so far, this one is easily the best
    of the bunch. Great show and fantastic audio mix plus a few cool
    features added for this dvd that weren't on the original release. The
    dvd is enhanced for widescreen tvs and the video quality is good but not
    great. It appears someone really jacked up the contrast compared to the
    old vhs and ld release.

    The sound is incredible and full of punch if a bit sterile (redone in
    the studio?). The stereo pcm track is markedly better and louder then
    the old prologic stereo track on the laserdisc but the Dolby Digital 5.1
    remixed audio track is amazing. Perfectly balanced with the mix almost
    as aggressive on the rear speakers as the front, it blows the laserdisc
    out of the water. The 45 minute commentary track (which abruptly ends
    about halfway through the concert) with the Young brothers is actually
    pretty good if a bit rambling at times (they sound like elves or
    trolls). There's also an option to view dedicated camera angles for a
    few songs per band member except now ex-drummer Chris Slade. I actually
    like the minor extra of checking out each of the the album covers with a
    couple minute commentary from them about each album when you select an
    album icon.

    For a decade old catalog release, I have to commend AC/DC for taking
    some time to substantially upgrade (picture "enhancement" aside) this
    release for dvd and offering it at a great price (I paid $12). No doubt
    the upgrade was due to the Brazilian bootleg (copied from the laserdisc)
    that's been available in most stores for the last year or two.
    Hopefully, "Let There Be Rock" will get the same level of attention soon!

    The Rolling Stones "Four Flicks" is simply incredible even for a casual
    Stone's fan like myself.

    Spread over 4 dvds are 3 nearly complete concerts; a stadium show, an
    arena show and a theater show all with substantially different setlists
    plus a 4th dvd with a couple features on the world tour plus a bunch of
    bonus "bootleg" tracks, mostly from a 2002 LA theater show and a studio
    recording session. The video is clean but not 16:9 enhanced and the
    audio is a perfect DD 5.1 mix (or pcm stereo).

    There are options for (fairly candid and self depriciating) band member
    commentary on many tracks. There's plenty of extra features including
    short documentaries on some of the support bands like AC/DC that played
    onstage with them in Europe and Canada (Angus is looking really old!),
    rehearsal footage galore, isolated camera angles on individual band
    members for some songs and so on. Lots of snippets of songs from many
    different shows all over the world are included.

    Other then some songs deleted from the three shows and some live
    screwups that have been cleaned up afterwards in the studio, this set is
    faultless and a steal at less then 30 bucks.

    One more thing, I hear some record stores are pulling Stone's cds and
    dvds off their shelves in protest of the exclusive deal The Stones made
    with Best Buy who will be the only seller of the dvd set for four
    months, effectively shutting out any other retailer through the
    Christmas season.

    Anyone pick up the Pearl Jam live dvd?

    Thomas Bell, Nov 13, 2003
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  2. Thomas Bell

    Shinner Guest

    There's an OOP DVD of this, isn't there? I'm sure there is and you can
    still get it from some DVD supplier based in Brazil (though at a heavy
    price once shipping is figured in, somewhere around $46 last time I

    Anyway, I picked this one up on Tuesday as well...I usually stop in BB on
    tuesday's just for a browse and was happy to find this, especially for $10.
    Good deal...
    Don't like Stiff Upper Lip Live? Verty good sound and definitely a much
    better picture than Donington (not surprising considering the time period).
    Shinner, Nov 13, 2003
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  3. Thomas Bell

    Thomas Bell Guest

    It's actually a bootleg manufactured by a Brazilian outfit that bootlegs
    hard rock and metal concerts off out of print domestic and very rare
    Japanese laserdiscs. How it and others from the same outfit managed to
    be sold (for rediculous prices) in legitimate stores like Tower Records
    and Best Buy as "imports" is beyond me. Gun's n' Roses (actually there
    record company) also just put out their old concerts previously
    available in the 90's on vhs and laserdisc on bare bones dvd to thwart
    the "Brazilian imports" being sold here.
    I like it and agree the image quality is far superior to Donnington '91,
    but I much prefer the performance and setlist on the older show.

    Thomas Bell, Nov 13, 2003
  4. Thomas Bell

    Shinner Guest

    Ahh, didn't know that. I looked it up with DVD Profiler and it also
    reported a UK release...but I realise that info is all dependent on the
    accuracy of the person that submitted it.

    Didn't realize that either....

    I'll take either really...the DTS on SUL Live sounds great.
    Shinner, Nov 13, 2003
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