Absent DLL file

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Guest, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    When I boot up I get a dialog box with the Yellow error exclamation point.
    At the top of the box it says, "Error 388". In the box it says, "A valid
    dll file was not found."
    It does not name the file so how do I find out which one it was?
    And then, having found the file, how do I replace it?
    The absence of the dll file does not seem to affect anything.
    Guest, Jun 14, 2004
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  2. Guest

    DC Guest

    ....and they say Windows is more user friendly. };O)
    I would start looking at which apps launch at startup. See if any of
    them are behaving strangely/not starting at boot as they once did.

    DC, Jun 14, 2004
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  3. Guest

    D Guest

    Probably from an app you uninstalled, that didnt uninstall correctly
    D, Jun 14, 2004
  4. Guest

    reid decker Guest

    If you have System Restore, use it to go back to before the
    problem. The file might be important.
    reid decker, Jun 14, 2004
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    About System Restore. My System Restore will get about half way through
    restoring and then tell me it cannot complete the restore.
    This would seem to be just another glitch except that awhile back I
    reinstalled the whole system and when I next tried to use System Restore
    it still would not work.

    Does anyone know what Error 388 means?
    Guest, Jun 14, 2004
  6. Guest

    Boomer Guest

    Doesn't it mean what you said it stated in the message box?

    "A valid dll file was not found."

    What have you installed or uninstalled to possibly cause this error?
    What OS? http://dts-l.org/goodpost.htm

    Try searching Google Groups archives for error 388.
    Boomer, Jun 14, 2004
  7. Guest

    °Mike° Guest

    °Mike°, Jun 14, 2004
  8. Guest

    JJO Guest

    From Solarwinds.net

    This error occurs if your IP Stack has been corrupted. In the past this has
    been caused by security and/or router software like "Zone Alarm". Disable
    this software.


    John O.
    JJO, Jun 14, 2004
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