About to download Win 7 RC

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Tony Sperling, May 29, 2009.

  1. I have no faith, when something like this is involved. But hey, what do you
    have to lose. Just start the second download while you're waiting...
    Charlie Russel - MVP, May 30, 2009
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  2. That makes sense. (And yes, there are almost as many versions of English as
    Spanish. )
    Charlie Russel - MVP, May 30, 2009
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  3. O.K. - Woke up to one remaining cigarette and one more hour to go. It's
    chuggi'n along nicely at it's 57KB/sec. rate. I'll have time to roll into
    town in my newly waxed car and a cloud free morning for supplies.

    Hey this is better than x-mas!

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, May 30, 2009
  4. Thanks go for all the help and support.

    So, the files are down and all seems well. Remains to find the official
    published CRC value, I've looked all over the faq's, download instructions,
    and the subscription site. Nothing obvious that I can see?

    The value here computes to "58fb2be0"

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, May 30, 2009
  5. Thanks for the enlightenment, Carlos.

    So, if you add a MUI to an agnostic Windows, does that Windows then
    become Gnostic?
    Bobby Johnson, May 30, 2009
  6. Tony Sperling

    Carlos Guest

    Good news.
    I found the CRC's here:

    SIZE: 2,530,975,744 bytes
    CRC: E8A1C394
    MD5: 8867C13330F56A93944BCD46DCD73590
    SHA1: 7D1F486CA569EFFFFB719CFB48355BB7BF499712

    SIZE: 3,270,828,032 bytes
    CRC: 58FB2BE0
    MD5: 98341AF35655137966E382C4FEAA282D
    SHA1: FC867FE1AB2E0A9796F9E4D155B44EA6998F4874

    Your calculated CRC matches the x64 version required one.
    Carlos, May 30, 2009
  7. Dominic Payer, May 30, 2009
  8. Which is good news for Tony, and also points out that there are other ways
    than the (fairly simplistic) CRC method to do this. But CRC is all MS
    includes on their Connect downloads, so I haven't bothered to go beyond it.
    And I tend to always go to MS sources for both the actual download and CRC
    values. From the Connect site, the CRC values are:

    Ultimate x86 Retail Client_EN 0xE8A1C394
    Ultimate x64 Retail Client_EN 0x58FB2BE0
    Charlie Russel - MVP, May 30, 2009
  9. Yes, obviously I couldn't wait but burned the disk and installed - all's
    well so far. Then the gremlins surfaced when I needed to install the system
    support CD to have it connect to I-net. I should have expected this since
    that CD is a couple years old by now. So I am temporarily back on my XP x64,
    the dual-boot works perfectly so now I will look up my board with Asus and
    see what drivers they have.

    One question, though, the NVIDIA firewall, how and where in Win7 can I
    un-install that one, if at all I need to?

    I also need AV and assume Avast is working as it used to, or is that Win7
    specific too?

    Regards - Tony. . .

    Today we may rejoyce in the fact that we have no tooth ache. Those who
    should happen to have a tooth ache, may still rejoyce in the fact that they
    don't have mumps. Those who should happen to suffer both may rejoyce in
    experiencing an extremely rare combination.

    Piet Hein.
    Tony Sperling, May 30, 2009
  10. Tony Sperling

    Carlos Guest

    Good old Avast still works in Win 7

    Carlos, May 30, 2009
  11. A real comfort about Avast.

    About the system CD - I don't really know what parts I need to find, the
    RAID disks are recognized, the Video is up - it would seem that only the
    I-net is missing, of which I only can have access through wireless. The
    fatefull NVIDIA Network Manager is gone. There is a Wi-Fi support item, that
    I should need but I'm amazed if thats the only thing. I didn't check the
    sound but that may be missing too but that is relatively trivial.

    I had expected some chipset support, but that is only for the RAID part, so
    I don't need that.

    I'm invited out for the evening, so perhaps the mind clears for my return.

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, May 30, 2009
  12. Tony Sperling

    Carlos Guest

    Motherboard Make and model?
    Carlos, May 30, 2009
  13. Win7 does a much better job of getting everything in the install, including
    all the various drivers you'll need. But you'll need the wireless driver
    from Asus to get you onto the internet, other than that you should get
    everything either in the box or in your first Windows Update.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, May 30, 2009
  14. Sure, it's the M2N32 SLI Deluxe.

    Tony. . .

    Tony Sperling, May 31, 2009
  15. That sounds reassuring enough. I try and fix that in the morning.

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, May 31, 2009
  16. Tony Sperling

    Carlos Guest

    Carlos, May 31, 2009
  17. Well, well, well.

    I was temporarily put off by Win 7 installation having put the bootfiles
    onto my XP x64 system partition, which then made that partition invisible to
    Win 7.

    1. Is there not any configuration option to change this, as I do have
    files there that I may want to copy over - and where could I make such

    I allways believed in the soundness of our venerable Mr. White's (RC) advice
    in a different thread about this, but it is only with the involved pain
    factor of having user material on that partition that it really hits 'home'.
    This was the way it was, and with no easy way around.

    I have burned a mini-DVD with 'musthave' files and shall attempt to have it
    all up in one go now (he, he).

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, May 31, 2009
  18. Your XP x64 partition is the boot partition and Windows 7 has not
    changed that.

    You can, if you have not done so already, assign a drive letter to the
    x64 XP partition in Disk Management. It is hidden, but not required to
    be inaccessible.

    If you want to change your boot order easily, install EasyBCD from
    http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1 . EasyBCD can be installed on both
    Windows 7 and XP x64.
    Dominic Payer, May 31, 2009
  19. Thanks Dominic - and yes, but XP didn't operate with the concept of an
    invisible boot partition. The Windows directory sat there and it was fairly
    normal to keep all system files and installed apps together in that
    partition. So I have been used to work from this partition and potentially
    store files at other places. Well, it's time to re-think the matter.

    So, what you're saying is that if I give the partition a drive letter or a
    label it should come back. Makes sense - thanks.

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, May 31, 2009
  20. It's halfway up now. There was a bit of hassle and it keeps loosing the
    connection, all though it is stable here in XP x64. Avast was trying to
    update a couple times but closed down, otherwise it all seems rather nice
    and I am sceptically possitive about it.

    How do I go about configuring the NG's without a newsreader - Mozilla?

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, May 31, 2009
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