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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by lost_packet, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. lost_packet

    lost_packet Guest

    Hey guys....I have done with six of my exams on
    MCSE2000__70-210,70-215,70-216,70-217,70-219 and 70-220.
    I am confused which exam should I take up for my last
    elective--70-221 or Exchange server...people say its
    better to have messaging specialisation rather than taking
    up one more design exam. please guide.

    lost_packet, Sep 19, 2003
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  2. lost_packet


    need some more commments.....please....
    LOSTPACKET, Sep 20, 2003
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  3. lost_packet

    Marko Guest

    There are people out there who have done more than ten
    exams and have earned all sorts of specializations. In
    fact, I read somewhere that a lot of IT people in the
    states have 6 or more certs, compared with 2 or 3 just a
    few years ago.

    Why not be one of them? Why just do the minimum to get

    For a start, why not do 218 and get MCSA with that MCSE?
    *** That's what I would do if I was you now.*** Compared
    with the exams you have done so far, 218 should be a walk
    in the park.

    THEN Do 292 and 296 and upgrade your skill set and
    MCSA/MCSE certifications to 2003.

    THEN You can do 298 with either 299, 227 (ISA) or
    Security+ and get the MCSE 2003: Security.

    OR You could add the MCSE:Messaging or MCDBA with only two
    more exams for each.

    So, for a total of 15 exams, you would have:

    MCP (1 exam)
    MCSA:2000 (3 more exams)
    MCSE:2000 (3 more exams)
    MCSA:2003 (1 more)
    MCSE:2003 (1 more)

    In any order,
    MCSE:Security (2 more)
    MCSE:Messaging (2 more)
    MCDBA (2 more)

    That's 8 separate certifications! Hell, with that much
    knowledge, you should throw in a little extra study and a
    small donation to M$ each year to have MCT in the mix.

    There you go: I just mapped a certification career path
    for you. You could also work on certs from other vendors
    at the same time, like Comptia and Cisco. It is not
    unusual to see individuals listing A+, Network+, Security+
    & CCNA certs with their Microsoft certs. Very attainable.
    Marko, Sep 20, 2003
  4. lost_packet

    John Guest

    Do the area the you want and like, what good is it to have a cert in
    something you hate. If you like working with messaging go for the Exchange
    if you like working with databases do the 228 SQL exam etc...
    John, Sep 20, 2003
  5. lost_packet

    lost_paetck Guest

    Great advice....Marko. I never thought it like
    this....this track is even better.
    I am very thankful to you for showing me way.....and i
    have some doubts
    -if I do 70-218,do i get two certifications MCSA and MCSE
    -and you wrote...........
    MCP (1 exam)
    MCSA:2000 (3 more exams)
    MCSE:2000 (3 more exams)
    MCSA:2003 (1 more)
    MCSE:2003 (1 more)

    wouldnt it be......
    MCP (1 exam)
    MCSA:2000 (1 more )
    MCSE:2000 (1 more )
    MCSA:2003 (3 more exams)
    MCSE:2003 (3 more exams)

    then i will look forward to messaging...thanks again
    lost_paetck, Sep 20, 2003
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