abit nf7 and raid card , help help

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by David, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. David

    David Guest

    Ya, im setting up a file server, using the NF7 and amd 2500.
    I have a promise tx2000 raid controler, i have got my mirrored array
    configured and it is bootable. Somewhere in the cmos setup i have done
    something wrong.
    I have my bootdevice confiured to boot to SCSI and then CD and 1.44. well i
    get the w2k install started and then load the controler dirvers it all goes
    well till i get to this point when setup trys to start windows and the
    machine just completely shuts down. any idea what i have missed, if you need
    more information let me know what u need.....

    hardware specs

    ABIT NF7 MB, Elixiar PC 2700, 512mb DDR, Geforce 2 64mb video card, Promise
    TX200 PCI Raid card and 2 DiamondMax Plus Maxtor 40gig (ultra ata 133) hard
    drives and a ACER 56X cd drive
    Oh ya AMD 2500 (1100mhz) CPU with a thermaltake volcano 9 heat sink, and a
    partridge in a pear tree....
    I think that about covers it, power supply and a case. need anything else?
    Power supply: Tiger pro 350watt model lcx-b350atx

    this is most of the info if anyone has any bright ideas please help, or if
    you need any more information..........

    thanks masked man
    David, Oct 7, 2003
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