AA size NiMH batteries and Chargers for Australia

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by John Wright, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. John Wright

    John Wright Guest

    What are the best AA size Ni-MH batteries and chargers (2100 mAH or more) available in Australia for use in cameras?

    Many batteries/chargers with good reviews by users in USA (e.g. Maha Powerex batteries, Maha C204W or C401FS chargers) are not sold in Australia, it seems.

    And those sold in Australia (e.g. 2500 mAH PowerBase Rapid Charger/batteries, 2100 mAH Fuji Charger/Batteries, 2300 mAH Spike Super Quick charger/batteries) don't seem to have any reviews published. How good are they?

    And how do these chargers decide when to cut off charging, when does the charging indicator go off? Suppose I buy 2100 mAH charger/batteries today and in a year's time better e.g. 2900 mAH batteries become available, will the old charger charge the new batteries fully (I don't mind if the charging time is longer) or will it leave them partially charged to 2100 mAH?

    Regards - JW
    John Wright, Sep 1, 2004
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  2. John Wright

    spodosaurus Guest

    I ordered mine from thomasdistributing.com because what's sold here is
    usually overpriced and under featured.
    That's whay I bought a maha charger from the States.
    spodosaurus, Sep 1, 2004
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  3. John Wright

    Bob Salomon Guest

    The Ansmann Traveler charges any number of AA or AAA NiMh or NiCd cells
    in any order on any AC current. The Powerline 4 comes with the plugs for
    EU, US, UK and AUS so you only have to plug it in.

    As Ansmann is an actual manufacturer, as opposed to a private label
    marketing compnay, it is available worldwide. In Australia it is
    distributed to retailers by:
    Soanar Electronic Component Solutions
    9 Civic Square
    Croydon, Victoria 3136

    Tel: +61 / 03 / 9724 0888
    Fax: +61 / 03 / 9724 0878

    Web: http://www.soanar.com.au

    I am sure they can help you.
    Bob Salomon, Sep 1, 2004
  4. John Wright

    John Wright Guest

    ThomasDistributing's price for Maha Charger model C401FS is US$40. And their
    shipping cost to Australia US$30!!

    - JW
    John Wright, Sep 1, 2004
  5. John Wright

    Steve B Guest

    A lot of smart chargers will be in trouble if we get to the heady heights of
    2900mAH batteries. The reason is that a charger may have a max charge rate of
    say 1 Amp and take 2 hrs to charge a 2000mAH battery, but it could have a safety
    timer of 2.5hrs in case a battery is so worn out it isn't able to produce the
    necessary -deltaV at end of charge for the smart electronics to recognise it and
    turn off. Therefore such a charger won't be able to charge a battery of greater
    than 2500mAH as it will run out of time. Not all chargers have a safety timer,
    some use a thermal sensor to detect battery overheating. All it means is that
    it's best to research the subject properly first if you want a charger to last
    throughout years of battery improvements.
    Steve B, Sep 1, 2004
  6. John Wright

    spodosaurus Guest

    Know anyone in the States? I got mine through relatives, so I never had
    to look at their international shipping charges. The ansmann charger
    recommended by Bob is good, too. Compare the prices including shipping
    and taking into account currency conversion. Also, make sure you're
    looking at the price for the Maha with the international power pack.
    spodosaurus, Sep 1, 2004
  7. John Wright

    John S. Guest

    If you don'tmind buying from someone "across the other side of
    the ditch", this firm in Wellington has the Maha charger and
    batteries in stock.


    I bought the Maha charger and 8 AA batteries from them a week or
    two back, after getting my new Canon S1 IS. Delivery was very


    John S
    John S., Sep 2, 2004
  8. John Wright

    Brian Rusten Guest


    Even Maha's online store (which you wouldn't really expect to be too cheap)
    only charges US$22 for shipping to Australia.
    Brian Rusten, Sep 2, 2004
  9. John Wright

    Ken Oaf Guest

    They have closed for a while.

    I would suggest another Kiwi company at:-


    I purchased my Maha charger and batteries from them and it arrived promptly and
    well packaged.
    Ken Oaf, Sep 2, 2004
  10. I'm using the NiMh charger and batteries that came with my Sony DSC-P72;
    the simple 2-battery charger does seem to be equipped with some kind of
    sensing of charge capacity of the battery, as I discovered when I tried
    charging a pair of old 1100 mAH AA's in it; they took an appropriately
    shorter time to charge, and have since performed better with the Sony
    charger than they did with the basic (plugpack-style) charge that came with

    The AA batteries Sony provided with the camera were 2100 mAH "Cybershot"
    branded batteries, and the manual is quite clear - ONLY USE SONY BATTERIES.
    So, being defiant, I picked up a pair of Energizer 2300mAH batteries from
    the local post office. $9.95 for two, compared to the premium price Sony
    wants for their "official" 2100 mAH AAs.

    They charge perfectly (taking a little longer than the 2100mAH Sonys,
    indicating once again that the supplied charger knows what it's doing) and
    work flawlessly. But what amused me the most is the fact that they're quite
    clearly made by the same company: both brands are made in Japan, have the
    exact same physical design and have "MR" engraved in the bottom of each
    battery. Battery life in my camera is noticeably better with the 2300s than
    it is with the 2100s.

    So buy with confidence. However, avoid the Energizer charger that they
    sometimes package with the batteries, as it appears to be a simple "timed"

    - Anthony
    Anthony Horan, Sep 2, 2004
  11. John Wright

    Bruce Graham Guest

    What are the best AA size Ni-MH batteries and chargers (2100 mAH or =I just took a chance on an Optex sold by JB for $38 including four 2300
    maHr NiMH batteries. I have not had it long enough to decide if it is
    any good, but it claims to be a delta V charger and semms to perform as
    such. The supplied batteries only ran my GPS for about the same time as
    others I own labelled 1500 maHr but I suspect I need to cycle the new
    batteries a few times.
    Bruce Graham, Sep 3, 2004
  12. I realize this is not specific to what might be available in
    Australia, but thought I'd share my observations to all interested.
    Again - these are just observations, not necessarily hard facts.

    I've had a Maha 204 charger for at least 2 years now, and generally
    am very satisfied with it, on both NiCds and NiMHs. But occasionally
    it refuses to begin the charge cycle. After much annoyance, and
    taking the batteries it won't begin with, and hitting them with a
    brute force charger for a few moments, then sticking them back in the
    Maha 204, it will function properly. I therefore conclude that there
    must display a voltage of at least some minimum for its software to
    accept and proceed.

    Now, just a short time ago, I bought the Triton Electrifli, and over
    the past several weeks have struggled trying to learn how to use it
    with NiCds and NiMHs. Not yet tried it on Li-ion types but is claimed
    to be great for them also. This unit is called a "computerized
    charger, discharger, and cycler". It may be great when one learns
    how to use it, but whoever wrote their control program and the user
    instructions should have had someone not at all familiar with it to
    critique and edit those instructions. My problems seem largely with
    it stopping an operation (either charging or discharging) long before
    it should be finished, and nowhere near the time set in it. And with
    NO clue as to why!

    Olin McDaniel

    To reply by email, please remove "abcd" from Return address
    Olin K. McDaniel, Sep 7, 2004
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