A weird DVD packaging question.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by PW, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. PW

    PW Guest

    Well, I know this is going to make me look like a
    geek with no life who is looking into pointless stuff
    (that's kinda true anyway), but let me ask this
    to see if I'm not the only one:

    Has anybody ever gone into your local retailer
    (whoever it may be..Best Buy, Circuit City, Media Play..etc.)
    and have found yourself going through the latest new
    releases that you want to buy and looking to make sure that
    the top part of the paper cover in a keep case is not
    protruding out of the protective plastic, because if
    it is...usually no matter how slow you peel off the
    stupid "SECURITY DEVICE ENCLOSED" sticker at the top
    it will end up tearing the top part of the cover so
    you have a nice thin white line at the top of your
    DVD cover where it was torn off ?

    I went through about 15 copies of X2 on
    Tuesday at Target before I found one that I could
    peel off without destroying the cover.

    Yeah, yeah, I know...I need to get a life.
    I was just curious.

    Thanks everybody,

    PW, Nov 27, 2003
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  2. PW

    FMercury39 Guest

    You are not alone. That has happened to me enough to where I will look 99% of
    the time. :)
    FMercury39, Nov 27, 2003
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  3. PW

    Tarkus Guest

    I don't think I've ever had that problem, so I hadn't looked for it
    before. But I probably will now. ;)

    What I do look for are labels that are straight and centered,
    particularly on the spine. I know you can move them, but once they are
    creased, they're pretty much set in that position.
    Tarkus, Nov 27, 2003

  4. I always make sure that the plastic isn't wrinkled. And on box sets that the
    set can sit squarely-i.e.: doesn't lean.
    ominousspiritous, Nov 28, 2003
  5. I don't consciously go looking for it, I buy most DVDs online anyway,
    but I agree it's a nuisance. Even worse are the snappers that have a
    bigger sticker, it peels a half-circle of paper right off the front.
    "Get rid of the Range Rover. You are not responsible for patrolling
    Australia's Dingo Barrier Fence, nor do you work the Savannah, capturing
    and tagging wildebeests."
    --Michael J. Nelson

    Grand Inquisitor
    Grand Inquisitor, Nov 28, 2003
  6. PW

    Cernovog Guest

    I got tired of mangling my DVD cases trying to get that sticker off.

    Now, I just take a razor and slice through "SECURITY DEVICE ENCLOSED"
    along the seam and leave it on there.

    I also leave the shrinkwrap on box sets when I can. I just slice open the
    side and let the DVD case slide out. Keeps the package protected for a little
    while longer. Most of my old VHS tapes still have the original shrinkwrap.

    As an unexpected side effects, one of my friends told me he feels weird
    borrowing my movies b/c they're still in the shrinkwrap. As a result, he
    takes extra special care not to damage them.

    Hey, works for me.
    Cernovog, Nov 28, 2003
  7. PW

    Wade365 Guest

    You are not alone on the torn cover paper issue... I hate it when the
    shrinkwrap is heat-sealed to the spine plastic too. Why they can't keep the
    cases in the right direction while sealing them so that I don't have messy
    plastic gunk down the spine is beyond me... and yes, I actually HAVE operated
    several types of shrinkwrapping machines in my day, so I knowz what I am
    talkin' about.
    Wade365, Nov 28, 2003
  8. PW

    Briarwood Guest

    OMG! You people are really anal!!
    Briarwood, Nov 28, 2003
  9. PW

    Wade365 Guest

    << OMG! You people are really anal!! >>

    And yet you cared enough (or were COMPULSIVE enough) to tell us we are...
    interesting. If this is too stupid or beneath your intelligence then why do you
    feel the need to participate, even though you don't care as much as the rest of
    us? Go discuss something that you can CONTRIBUTE to.

    Troll punk.
    Wade365, Nov 29, 2003
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