A Streetcar Named Desire is your favourite movie post opinion please

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by ahgjryrteeew, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. ahgjryrteeew

    ahgjryrteeew Guest

    Take a look
    And tell me please A Streetcar Named Desire is your favourite movie
    post opinion please
    choose one someone from the cast:
    Vivien Leigh ... Blanche DuBois

    Marlon Brando ... Stanley Kowalski

    Kim Hunter ... Stella Kowalski

    Karl Malden ... Harold 'Mitch' Mitchell
    Rudy Bond ... Steve
    Nick Dennis ... Pablo Gonzales
    Peg Hillias ... Eunice
    Wright King ... A Collector
    Richard Garrick ... A Doctor
    Ann Dere ... The Matron
    Edna Thomas ... The Mexican Woman
    Mickey Kuhn ... A Sailor
    Mel Archer ... Foreman (uncredited)
    Dahn Ben Amotz ... Bit part (uncredited)
    Marietta Canty ... Giggling woman wth Eunice (uncredited)
    John George ... (uncredited)
    Chester Jones ... Street vendor (uncredited)
    Lyle Latell ... Policeman (uncredited)
    Maxie Thrower ... Passerby (uncredited)
    Charles Wagenheim ... Passerby (uncredited)

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    ahgjryrteeew, Feb 25, 2007
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