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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by kombi45, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    You didn't quote the part below about Centenary below, but I guess I
    wrote about it in the same message.
    Its a small world. John and me at Scar. Gen. and you at Centenary. Would
    it be safe to ask where in Centenary you work? I was at Cententary last
    fall to see a specialist. I've been there a few times. Its a nice
    hospital though I don't want to stay there :). Years ago I used to live
    very close to there at Markham/Ellesmere.

    Mary, Feb 6, 2006
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  2. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    About 10 minutes from me. I was in that area last week. There is a
    Staples on Eglinton at Birchmount, which is just west of Kennedy. 1970
    was a very long time ago. Have you never been back since then? you would
    see a huge different. More people, more traffic congestion, more
    pollution, more everything. Many people are moving further out of
    Toronto like my daughter and family, who do not want to live in a big
    city. There are 5 milliion people in Toronto and area.
    My mother thought it was a great advantage to be one of the younger kids
    in a family of 12. She was exceptionally close to all her siblings and
    liked to be from a big family. I am one of 4 and we were all close to
    our mother, and quite close to each other. All are gone now except for
    my younger brother and me.
    Not necessarily good, but its not like in the 60's when we were young
    and most everybody was married and had kids. It was just the way it was
    and it was nice to have friends who were in the same boat as yourself
    with young kids.
    Yes, we will have to rely on immigrants to populate, but they mostly all
    come to Toronto and there is not enough jobs, so can be difficult for
    immigrants. 10 years ago was different.

    The oldest is a loner and
    He seems to like to take photos of people which is interesting. Some
    nice photos.
    Is he a professional photographer?
    It looks that way right now. Everybody scattered all over the place. My
    son lives in Ottawa. I don't see him or hear from him that often. He is
    married, no kids.
    Yes, it was very common in 50's and 60's to marry at 18 when married.
    Thats how old I was. Started having kids at 20.

    Snowing right now, first time for more than a month. Its been very mild
    all winter with hardly any snow. This is the first really cold day -
    windy too, that I put on my winter jacket and snow boots.
    I saw on the weather that Halifax got a lot of snow recently. None here,
    till this afternoon. Starts around 3 pm when the temp drops and the rush
    hour starts I paid my dues driving on bad roads.. I used to work
    downtown near the lake and when it snowed, I spent two hours getting to
    work and there would hardly be any snow downtown. Then after people take
    hours getting home, it could
    rain tomorrow. Unpredictable is the word for this area.

    Mary, Feb 6, 2006
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  3. kombi45

    John H Guest

    I was in Toronto, other than just passing through, 10 or 15
    years ago. At first I couldn't recall going to that neighbourhood to
    have a look, which would seem strange, but now I remember that I did.
    I think the reason why I remembered nothing at first is because it was
    just another strip of commercial development like any town, anywhere
    in NA. How's that lyric go from a song that may be called "Many A

    "I've seen your towns they're all the same,
    The only difference is in the name."

    That area used to be called 'the golden mile', IIRC. Not to
    dis things but urban sprawl doesn't have a lot going for it.
    He makes his living at various aspects of it. He did a lot of
    music groups at one time but that didn't pay well. Also did custom
    printing before digital dried it up. I think he is working with
    someone else right now.
    I don't miss the Toronto commute but with the distance I live
    from Halifax if I am working there is an hour drive in traffic; the
    same as it was in TO. The difference here is that an hour will put
    you out in the country.

    Yep, big snow but then the rain came down and washed it all
    away. Very unusual winter right across the country. The lake is
    completely open. I have never seen it that way at this date before.

    John H
    John H, Feb 8, 2006
  4. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    Its still called Golden mile - though not often referred to as that. I
    think Golden Miles Motors Chev dealer is still on Eglinton along that
    way. I bought a Chevette there in 1980. Good little car.
    True, but so many people moving or emigrating here, that not much choice
    but to build out more and more. There have been tons of high rise condos
    built here in the last few years, and they always seem to get all sold.
    I was at Scar. town centre today and there never used to be any high
    rise condos there, but in last few years there is about 8 new buildings.
    A lot of high rise condos downtown where you never used to see any. A
    lot of new buildings have sprung up.
    I imagine it would not be easy trying to make a living in such areas.
    Haha. yes, I can imagine. My son in Ottawa said something similar. Years
    ago, I drove to Ottawa and arrived there at evening rush hour and I said
    to my son how busy it was, and he said yes, its very busy for half an
    hour which is our rush hour, but not 3 or 4 hour rush hours like
    Toronto. He was born and brought up in Toronto but was offered a job in
    Ottawa when he was 21. When he was in TO 3 years ago, he always
    complains there is so much traffic here, I would never live here again.
    Ottawa is a nice place - I like the Rideau Canal.
    Its been strange weather this winter in many places. We got a little
    snow day before yesterday. My daughter works in Scarborough and lives in
    Oshawa and said it took her 2 hours to get home on the 401. Next day all
    roads were clear again and just a little snow around as if the night
    before never happened. Today was 42F, sunny but windy.

    Mary, Feb 9, 2006
  5. kombi45

    John H Guest

    Winter Carnival in Ottawa must be having a hard time with the warm
    temperatures. We had a grand time there two years ago. My wife's
    brother lives there and family from both coasts and Montreal met to
    skate the canal, see the ice sculptures, slide down the big ice slides
    and so on. I managed after some practice to stiff leggedly do the
    skating loop on the canal from downtown out to Dow's lake and back.
    I think it might be 13k. I don't know if I could do that sober again.
    These family people were non stop. I was beat but that night they
    wanted to go sliding. The steep slides drop almost vertical for a few
    feet to get you going and then you are out of control on the seat of
    your pants. Entirely safe though and quite fun.

    Another day they wanted to go X-country skiing in the
    Gatineaus. At first the idea was to find an easy trail. A few
    minutes on it and they wanted something more challenging although the
    moderate one was fine by me. The next thing you know we are trudging
    up this hill for friggen ever. I was sure it didn't have a top. You
    get the jocks that pull and pass you at the run. That was ok but next
    thing you know this Amazon pulling a trailer whizzes by. Yep, a
    trailer! She had an infant in a little enclosed sleigh pulled along by
    a rod attached to her waist. It turned out she was an athlete; had
    the baby and then went right back at it. I don't know, maybe she had
    it on the way up. These people are fit. There was a shelter with a
    fire going at top so we had a time to dry out and eat. All the time
    I'm thinking that a person might get going pretty fast on the way down
    but that wasn't the problem. The rented no wax skis were so sticky I
    had to pole all the way down. When you got near stopped they grabbed
    instantly and tossed you face forward.

    Things seem to have gotten waaay off topic. ;-)

    There were many people photographing the beautifully lighted
    ice sculptures at night but I didn't have the right technique so have
    nothing decent to show. Here's one picture though
    http://members.accesswave.ca/~lifestyle/slide.jpg showing the quick
    short low gravity drop to get you going on the individual slides.
    Even 60 year olds can be a kid and do this. Not having a bony ass
    would be an asset. I had that one covered.

    John H
    John H, Feb 9, 2006
  6. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    I don't know if Winterlude is going on right now or not. I don't know
    what the temps are at the moment. Its usually colder and gets more snow
    than Toronto. Montreal gets a lot and all Quebec as you get close to
    Laurentians. Good skiing there.

    We had a grand time there two years ago. My wife's
    I wouldn't be able to do it period. I have only been there in the spring
    and fall. I was at Dows lake one spring. Its beautiful there and
    daffodils were out. In the fall, the trees are beautiful even at Le Gare
    where we waited for the train. Its a very long train ride. Very long
    drive, but at least you can stop with a car. Not so with a train.
    Saw the Gatineaus from a very high spot. Lots of black flies that day so
    we didn't stay long.

    At first the idea was to find an easy trail. A few
    Thats not too good.
    I haven't Xcountry skiid for about 15 years. I'm out of practice. My
    daughters and my skiis
    are sitting in one of my closets and when I see them, I think maybe I
    should get rid of them. Weather here is not dependable for Xcountry
    skiing. We used to get a lot more snow and it lasted on the ground
    longer and there is a lot of nice parks around to ski - if there was any
    snow. When it snows, its often gone a couple of days later. And downhill
    is out of the question as Toronto as you know, is pretty flat.
    I think there is a park out the west end has downhill, but not this
    year. You need to go at least 60 miles north to Barrie or better is
    Collingwood, Blue Mountain for snow and skiing.
    We got a dusting of snow yesterday but by this time of year, usually
    snow is piled high at sides of roads and in mall parking lots. Not so
    this year. Still, another 6 weeks yet. The winter seems almost over.
    you're telling me :) - everybody will have plonked this long ago. .
    You're back on topic - at least temporarily :). Nice pic. I don't
    know if I would want to do that. and when I see the canal on TV news,
    and people skating, I don't think I would want to skate. Some of the ice
    has not been thick enough some of the time this year.

    Mary, Feb 11, 2006
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