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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by kombi45, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    Mary Martin. I couldn't remember her name till you gave me her first
    name. And yes, she was Peter Pan in a movie. You saw it when you were
    very young? I thought you were mid to late 50's or early 60's age group
    same as me?. Weren't you young quite a while ago? :) To me very young
    means 12 years old or younger maybe. I remember seeing her on the TV
    production of Peter Pan and I was a lot younger, but not VERY young.

    Mary, Jan 30, 2006
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  2. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    That sounds about right to me. Perhaps you didn't see the
    original broadcast? As I said, it was repeated occasionally through
    the years, at least for a couple of decades. If I was 12 when Peter
    Pan was first broadcast it would have been 1957, and that can't be
    too far from the actual original broadcast date. Google should
    know. I also saw Disney's version back then but I'm even less sure
    of when that one was produced.
    ASAAR, Jan 30, 2006
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  3. kombi45

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Maybe he is of the 'Marry them young and raise them like you like them'
    Ron Hunter, Jan 30, 2006
  4. kombi45

    kombi45 Guest

    You guys sure hijacked the shit out of my thread! ;^)
    kombi45, Jan 31, 2006
  5. kombi45

    John H Guest

    The twins are boys, 29 now, both single. The cut was the cure
    but a couple of years later we would probably have had another one if
    the equipment remained intact. My wife comes from a family of 12 and
    enjoys kids. She's from PEI of Catholic parents (not me) and her folks
    must have went at it hard and heavy just like the Pope said. Add in a
    few miscarriages and her mother must have had one in the womb and one
    on the hip steady throughout her fertile years. Never a work of
    complaint from her though. She always seemed to be happy. And maybe a
    bit tired. The old guy must have been a horny bugger to boot. She too
    was one of a dozen siblings. I could never keep track of all the
    cousins/aunts/uncles/spouses. Quite a contrast now. With five kids
    from 26 to 38 years old we have only two grandchildren. There is a
    picture here if you want to look

    The church is out of the hospital business here now too. St.
    Mike's..... I worked at Queen's Park for eight years, about in the
    neighbourhood IIRC so when your kids were born we weren't far apart.

    Nova Scotia is a place of great natural beauty. You get to
    take things around where you live for granted though. I was reminded
    of that when a cousin came to visit from Oklahoma this fall. The
    things she took pictures of made me look at them through new eyes.

    Nice chatting with you. It feels like the drifting
    conversation that takes place around the kitchen table when friends
    drop in.

    John H
    John H, Feb 1, 2006
  6. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    From www.imdb.com Disney version was made in 1953 with Bobby Driscoll.
    TV version with Mary Martin was 1960. As far as I can see that was the
    year the TV production it was made, so was probably on the TV in 1960 or
    not long after, so you would be . There was another remake in 1976 with
    Mia Farrow as Peter Pan. I don't remember seeing the Disney version, but
    Mary Martin was good as Peter Pan. "I enjoy being a girl" was from
    "Flower Drum Song" (1961) with Nancy Kwan.

    Mary, Feb 1, 2006
  7. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    As I said, I recall being quite young when I first saw Mary Martin
    on TV in Peter Pan. Much younger than if I had seen it in 1960. I
    checked with google and the first link was also for imdb and my
    memory was pretty accurate, although you were also correct in noting
    the 1960 film date. I was at first puzzled by the mention of Bobby
    Driscoll in a Disney version as I only recalled Disney doing an
    animated version. But I quickly realized that he only provided the
    voice since the animated version was released in 1953. Thanks for
    checking "I enjoy being a girl". I never saw Flower Drum Song so
    I'm not sure why I'm familiar with the song. I only recall seeing
    the lovely Nancy Kwan in "The World of Suzie Wong".

    [from imdb] :
    I remember seeing both original live performances, and think that
    I met your qualification for being "very young" (12 or less) since
    when those performances were broadcast I was 10 and 11 years old,
    quite a bit younger than if I was 15. :) According to other web
    sources, Mary Martin won a Tony Award for her role in the 1954
    Jerome Robbins production of Peter Pan on Broadway. This was
    preceded by Leonard Bernstein's version in 1950 and Jerome Kern's
    version in 1924 (from Wiki). Her son, fwiw, was actor Larry Hagman.


    If you're not already aware of it, Peter Pan was written by
    Scottish author J. M. Barrie, and you may find this "user review"
    from Amazon of interest:
    This missing scene mentioned above was not omitted from the TV
    versions (fortunately).
    ASAAR, Feb 1, 2006
  8. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    When you say original broadcast above, do you mean the first movie which
    came out called Peter Pan? wouldn't that be the Disney animated version?
    Where did you see Mary Martin in the movie version when it didn't come
    out till 1960?
    Do you mean on stage?

    I was at first puzzled by the mention of Bobby
    Wasn't that animated version released quite a few times in later years?
    I don't have it on DVD, though I have Cinderella, Pinnochio, Snow White,
    Beauty and the Beast plus about 70 other DVD's. I just bought March of
    the Penguins last week. Its a documentary, which I don't usually buy in
    a DVD, but its very good and was made by two Montreal film makers.
    Fabulous filming in the Arctic.

    Thanks for
    I never saw Flower Drum song either. I think the song has been heard
    here and there. it was more popular than the movie I think.
    Is that the version you first saw? was it playing in New York on the
    The first one I saw was on the TV with Mary Martin though I might have
    seen the animated version at a later time.

    I thought I saw the Mary Martin movie TV movie version on DVD a couple
    of years ago here.
    Were they stage performances or TV performances?

    According to other web
    I didn't know she did the role on Broadway in 1954. I didn't know
    anything about Broadway in 1954 :) Yes, I knew her son was Larry Hagman.
    Yes, I knew J.M. Barrie was Scottish. Talented people those Scots :)
    Did you see the 1953 Disney version?
    Its a bit confusing all these stage productions, TV productions (only on
    TV but never on video) or video and DVD releases. Peter Pan has been
    performed a lot of times it seems.

    Mary, Feb 2, 2006
  9. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    No, at the time I wrote that we had been discussing only the
    version that Mary Martin had appeared in. Afterwards you checked
    with imdb and mentioned the Disney version as well as the 1976
    remake with Mia Farrow. So by the "original broadcast" I meant the
    two live TV productions (1955 & 1956).

    I saw it in my home on TV. But I didn't say "movie version" and I
    never saw it in a movie theater. In addition to seeing it (as
    mentioned previously) when it was originally broadcast on TV, I
    probably saw it another time or two on TV when the tape of the live
    broadcast (and I don't know if it was a tape of the 1955 or 1956
    version) on an after 1960. For that matter, I never heard of the
    taped version being shown in a movie theater, although it may have
    happened somewhere.

    I don't know the release history, save that Disney is very
    protective, and when it releases a version for sale it's usually for
    a very short period. So if you don't buy it quickly you may have to
    wait a good number of years before the next opportunity arrives.

    I didn't see the 1954 Broadway production with Mary Martin.
    Wasn't even aware of it at the time unless I heard of it
    peripherally and just forgot that. My current memory only extends
    back to the 1955 and 1956 "live" TV versions. And despite it being
    broadcast in "living color", only saw it in glorious B&W. :)

    Both, I guess. But I imagine that almost all of the viewers were
    watching the performances on their television sets. But the "stage"
    that was used might have been a TV stage, with a very small number
    of uncomfortable seats, or possibly SRO. It might have been
    performed on a true Broadway stage, or possibly something in
    between, such as something like the old Ed Sullivan theater. I
    don't recall any hint of a "live" audience, as was the case with
    some of the older broadcasts of Jackie Gleason's show. I usually
    watched those on TV too, including the one where he broke his leg
    during one of the performances, although I wasn't aware of it at the

    Very. Some of them dress funny though. :)

    Yes, but as the song goes, "who knows, where or when?".

    As I mentioned before, I *think* that the version released in 1960
    (with Mary Martin) was just a recorded version of one of the two
    live TV performances made in either 1955 or 1956. It could be even
    more confusing if we were several decades older and had some
    memories of the 1924 version to sort out. :)
    ASAAR, Feb 2, 2006
  10. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    I didn't get this message on my list till today, Feb.3. I had to get a
    new news provider, but they are sometimes late with messages. My ISP in
    their wisdom (Rogers cable if you remember them) discontinued Usenet in
    Dec. because not enough people used them -BS but they had to use
    something as an excuse.

    Wouldn't he/she now be around 40?

    So your twins born in Halifax in 1977 are the youngest? But didnt you
    say above your youngest was born in mid 60's at Scar. Gen?
    I had 3 and that was more than enough. 12 is an awful lot of kids. My
    mother was one of the youngest of a family of 12 but that was before
    birth control. She herself had 4. My mother said she very much liked
    having many brothers and sisters. I can't relate to that as my brother
    and I were the only close in age kids and we were not close as kids at

    The old guy must have been a horny bugger to boot. She too
    Nice picture. I guess its you on the left with your wife? your older
    kids are similar age to mine, except I had all mine within a few years
    of each other. I only have two teenage granddaughters from my one girl.
    The other two had no kids and doesn't look like they will.
    St. Mikes is qute a bit south of Queens Park which is near College. St.
    Mikes is on Bond St. near Queen St. which is downtown. Toronto General
    is very close to Queens Park. I did some work at Queens Park in the
    early 90's. Lovely building.
    What year did you leave Toronto? There is another general hospital in
    Scarborough called Centenary Hospital built in 1967. Was it here when
    you lived here? I am thinking you must have lived in Scarborough. Where?
    Haha. Yes, I know what you mean. Its nice to be in contact with someone
    from where you used to live -especially someone who is familiar with
    Scar. Gen.

    Mary, Feb 3, 2006
  11. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    Well, I just posted a message to you a few minutes ago. You can always
    get back on thread. Asaar and I got a bit carried away on movies.
    Sometimes people here tend to drift off ::))

    Mary, Feb 3, 2006
  12. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    Yes ,you were right about mid 50's being the time she performed Peter
    Pan on Broadway and in 1960 she and other members of the case, recreated
    the role for the TV version. I was pretty sure it came out on DVD a few
    years ago, but I don't see it listed as being on either video or DVD on
    They have released mostly all the Disney movies in the last few years on
    DVD. I haven't seen the Peter Pan Disney on DVD though. Also, I wish
    they would bring out Song of the South on DVD, but its banned in the US.
    Lots of people want it released, and it was released in either video or
    DVD in Britain. I have a video copy of it I got from someone a few years
    ago. I think its a good movie. Gone with the Wind was more racist in my
    view and its never been banned.
    Lots of people didn't even have a TV never mind black and white :) I was
    still in Scotland and lucky to have a radio never mind TV.
    Didn't know about that one.
    When I lived there, which was a long time ago, I didn't see anyone
    walking around in a kilt. You only saw it at parades or Scottish country
    dancing or concerts, or sometimes a man might wear a kilt at a wedding.
    I always thought it looked nice to see men in full Highland costume. And
    no, I was not old enough to see what was under their kilt :)
    Cole Porter. Must have been in a movie but don't know which one. On
    subject of older movies. I just bought Kitty Foyle on DVD, Ginger Rogers
    in a serious dramatic part she won an Oscar for.
    From what I read on imdb and from what you told me, it looks like she
    got a Tony on Broadway for her performance as Peter Pan and she and cast
    recreated it again for a tape for TV audiences.
    Well, we wouldn't want to be "several" decades older or we would be 90.
    I feel old enough
    now :)

    Mary, Feb 3, 2006
  13. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    Carried away, to NeverNever Land? Well I swan!

    And from the OP that started it all:
    I'm pleased to note a much weaker reaction to this mild case of
    hijacking than to the earlier offense. I hope little Charlie
    someday gets to enjoy Peter, Wendy, the Lost Boys, even Mr. Smee. :)
    ASAAR, Feb 3, 2006
  14. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    "Swam" ? :)
    I don't remember seeing a message about "speck of fly dung" . Must have
    missed that.
    I seem to miss a few messages here and there. The new news server is
    free, but isn't too bad. Not as good as Rogers was though. They had
    giganews. I have another news provider too. $3.95 for one time set up,
    but the messages are slow and some never appear.
    Yeah! Charlie's time will come to see Peter Pan.

    Mary, Feb 3, 2006
  15. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    That makes it sound as if the tape was made ahead of time and then
    broadcast (not "live") to the TV audience. But it seems to have
    been performed live twice, and happened to have been recorded as it
    was being broadcast. As imdb noted:
    Toddlers should have the best vantage point. :) I've seen and
    heard a guy wearing the costume (I think, if my memory is accurate)
    and playing a bagpipe locally. He'd practice occasionally in a
    school parking lot, within several feet of a moderately large
    reservoir, so I'm sure the sound carried over a great distance.
    Sounded pretty nice. This is in an Irish section of the city, which
    I guess would be a more likely place than most.
    ASAAR, Feb 3, 2006
  16. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    No, the taping for TV was done after her Broadway live performances:

    "During its Broadway run in 1954, arrangements were made to present the
    Mary Martin "Peter Pan" on television. After a limited run onstage, it
    was televised live in 1955 with the entire original cast. It created a
    sensation, becoming one of the highest-rated shows up to that time, and
    spawning a series of televised musical children's stories, none as
    successful as this one. It was re-staged live with the same cast only a
    few months later. In 1960 it was finally videotaped, with virtually the
    same cast (except for the children) and this time at its full-length. It
    is one of the first instances in which a Broadway stage production has
    been duplicated exactly for television."

    As imdb noted:
    in 1960,

    Yes, that was part of what was on imdb.com below the part I quoted
    above. It could be that the 1960 video tape which was put on TV, was
    made at a Broadway performance, though I don't think so, because the TV
    production has no audience noise so doesn't seem like it was "live".
    Yes, but toddlers don't know enough to look there:) Its not one of their
    interests till much later in life.

    I've seen and
    Irish bagpipes is considered different than Scottish. Irish and Scots
    are both Celtic races, but their history is very different. Scottish is
    more well known for bagpipes than Ireland, though some places in Ireland
    probably have them too, maybe the North. In Canada and many areas in the
    US there are Highland Games in the summer and there are lots of men in
    kilts there. There are many Highland games in many small towns in
    Ontario. The clans only existed in Scotland and their many battles with
    the English. Did you see Braveheart? not all true of course, but much of
    the story was. Great movie. Mel Gibson's accent was quite believable
    compared to many I have heard.

    Mary, Feb 3, 2006
  17. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    I don't know why you think I assumed that the taping was not done
    after the Broadway performance. I believe I've said several times
    that I thought that the tape was of one of the two live TV
    performances (1955 & 1956), although it could have been taped some
    other time. Based on the fact that the second live broadcast was
    only done due to viewer demand, it would seem that the tape didn't
    exist at that point, since it would have been much less costly to
    simply replay the tape in 1956. But that's just a guess.

    "live" doesn't necessarily mean that there was an audience. I
    alluded to that in this earlier exchange:
    So I think that the second "live" TV performance was videotaped,
    as a precaution in case there was ever an desire to rebroadcast
    Peter Pan and another live performance wouldn't be possible or
    desirable. Some film historian may be able to shed some light on
    how and where and when the taped version was made, but I'll leave it
    to him or her, as I'm reaching the nevernever land of threaddom. :)
    Yep, Scotland always come to mind when the subject turns to kilts
    and bagpipes. But exclusivity is disproved in NYC, where the police
    force has traditionally been made up of many Irish. Depending on
    circumstances, when some P.O.s die or are killed, kilt wearing
    pipers are often seen and heard leading funeral processions.

    No, I didn't see it. I was a fan of Gibson until I saw his
    twitchy, over-the-top, horrible performance in (IIRC) Conspiracy
    Theory. I was amazed when I saw him in an extended interview and
    saw the same twitchy and manic mannerisms. I guess for me he'll
    remain only as a road warrior, which predated but hinted at Mel's
    developing taste for gore.
    ASAAR, Feb 4, 2006
  18. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    Swan's the word. I probably got it from watching old movies,
    where the meaning was something like "Well what do you know, I
    wouldn't have believed it" and today might have appeared in movies
    with a character saying "Whoda thunk it." Surprisingly, it's not in
    my fairly large dictionary (I need to get another OED), but there
    are many web references, where the phrase seems to be a euphemism
    for the "well I swear" euphemism. One nice link also has two nice
    photos. One's of a swan and the other is of shelf fungus.


    Then in a message from The Phrase Finder:
    ASAAR, Feb 4, 2006
  19. kombi45

    John H Guest

    I must have been thinking first born when I said youngest. He
    is oldest at 38. The youngest is a girl, 26.
    The last location I lived in Scarborough was Eglington and
    Kennedy. Left there in '70.
    My wife's siblings share strong family bonds as do the other
    large families that her cousins are part of. One of them was 18
    strong. I hadn't really thought of it before but I have never heard
    any of them say they felt at a disadvantage coming from a large family
    where resources were necessarily spread thin. OTOH the numbers of
    children of those siblings chose to have is less than two per family
    on average. I'm from a family of six but we aren't close.

    I don't expect to see a lot of grandchildren. That's the
    nature of society now in the western world. We will have to rely on
    immigration to replenish the workforce. The oldest is a loner and
    likely to stay so (BTW he lives in Toronto
    http://gordonhawkins.com/homepage.html ); the next has our only two
    grand kids and while his wife would like to have a third she is a
    stay at home mom and the burden house/car/student loans falls heavily
    upon a single income. One of the twins (29) says he doesn't plan on
    having any family. He will be off to Krakow next year if he doesn't
    get accepted to the school he applied to here and doesn't want any
    ties. His brother shows no sign of wanting to settle into
    domestication. He's been in Korea for a number of years and is moving
    to Singapore - a case of a rolling stone gathering no moss. The
    daughter is single and I think that she would like to have one or two
    at some time. The prospects are that the children will not replace
    their own numbers.

    It is pretty startling when I look at our kids now and think
    that I was a father at 23, although that was fairly common then.

    John H
    John H, Feb 4, 2006
  20. Interestin musings. I work at Centenary . . .
    Michel Souris, Feb 4, 2006
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