A new photographer is born

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by kombi45, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    To a girl is it? If there aren't laws against that sort of thing
    there should be. I hope she doesn't call you "Daddy". :)
    ASAAR, Jan 30, 2006
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  2. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    Nah, by avoiding criticism you like yourself better. :)
    ASAAR, Jan 30, 2006
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  3. kombi45

    John H Guest

    The youngest was born in Scarborough General in Toronto in the
    mid 60s. The twins in the picture were born at the Grace in Halifax
    in 1977. I believe the Scarborough hospital was (sternly) run by the
    Catholic nuns and the Grace by the Salvation Army. The two
    experiences were a world apart. Sally Ann doesn't have anything to do
    with it now. That's another mother Mary in the picture. After the
    fifth one I figured out what was causing it........, well actually she
    did, and I took the cut, er... no..., I mean the cure. Well, both I

    Around here now they almost need crowd control in the delivery
    room for some arrivals.

    I now live on the by the ocean east of Dartmouth.

    John H
    John H, Jan 30, 2006
  4. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    "Klink file" ? - never heard that one before. In Scotland they used
    klink in a different way. My mother used to sometimes say, they put so
    and so "In the klink" when reading some newspaper story or something.
    I've heard of plonk file, filter, block. I guess klink could be used in
    a broad way for plonk. I think plonk is a made up Internet word.
    "earned" his way sounds like he has to get boy scout points :)
    I think he probably has. He just likes to be a bit of an agitator to
    liven things up and cause a kerfluffle (heard that in a movie once). I
    like it.
    Crush on you? I think he has a crush on me :)

    I still find
    Well, I hope its a girl, though you never know these days.

    Mary, Jan 30, 2006
  5. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    What a coincidence. I live quite close to Scar. Gen. I've been in Scar.
    General many times. Had an MRI done there a few months ago. And as y ou
    know, Toronto is huge. I need a map if I go west of Yonge St. - I'm
    Yes, Scar. General was run by Catholic nuns in the 60's but hasn't been
    run by them since probably the 70's. My kids were born at St. Mikes in
    downtown Toronto, also run by nuns at the time. I'm not catholic, but
    they let me have my kids there and didn't bother me any :) I don't think
    its run by nuns now either.
    I don't know if The Grace in downtown Toronto is still run by Sally Ann.
    When Mike Harris was premier of Ont before the present Premier, he
    closed some hospitals and merged others, and got rid of a lot of nurses
    and later didn't have enough nurses and still don't. Stupid. There is
    another Grace Hospital in north Scarborough. At one time also run by
    Sally Ann but I don't know about now. Toronto has about 40 hospitals I
    think. Most are on University sometimes called Hospital Row as you
    probably know. Sick Kids, Toronto General, Mt. Sinai, etc.
    The cut and the cure? Or the cut TO the cure -haha. I figured what was
    causing it by the third one.
    Took me a while. But you got double the 4th time. That might have
    happened to me if I hadn't found out what caused it.
    Are your twins married? Was it boy and girl?
    You're not one of the crowd now are you? unless your kids are having
    You sure get around. why all the moving within NS? I would love to live
    by the ocean - no matter which ocean it was. Never been to NS, but
    always wanted to. Beautiful scenery I heard. Cape Breton and all.

    Mary, Jan 30, 2006
  6. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    He means well, but likes to be noticed :)
    Well, if you like him better as a ghost, a ghost is not noticed, except
    only as a ghost, which is invisible. I think I have come full circle.:)

    Mary, Jan 30, 2006
  7. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    "I belong to daddy".
    Many people call old people "girls" - doesn't mean anything. I like to
    be called a girl, makes me feel young. A older woman (older than me
    even) around 75 or so lives across the hall from me, and in a short
    conversation with me one day, "I am waiting for my girlfriend. She will
    be here soon" - so even she uses "girl". Of course, "lady friend" or
    "woman friend" wouldn't have sounded right at all, so "girlfriend" is
    better. I don't see anything wrong with saying I am happily married to a
    girl. Mark was stressing that it was a girl he was married to and not a
    boy to make sure you don't have a crush on him - he was just joking. I'm
    getting out of here :)

    Mary, Jan 30, 2006
  8. kombi45

    Mark² Guest

    Smart move!

    My wife is 4 1/2 years older than I am...so if I'm her daddy...that would be
    quite the miracle...
    Mark², Jan 30, 2006
  9. kombi45

    Mark² Guest

    That's because I made it up... :)
    Some people make the sound, "plonk" when they hit the bottom of my
    kill-file...while others only make a little "klink" sound. :) I believe
    the term "plonk" is used to mimmick the sound one makes when being dumped
    into a bin...

    I also like "klink" because it reminds me of the bumbling Colonel on
    "Hogan's Heroes," a silly WWII comedy show from the 60's about a German
    prisoner of war camp. :)
    That was my nice way of saying he deserved to be klinked.
    Ya, more likely.
    True, you don't. But I was k-i-d-d-i-n-g.
    Mark², Jan 30, 2006
  10. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    Well. 4 1/2 years is nothing. Its different in your teens and one is 18
    and the other is 13 1/2. That would be no good. But when into mid 20's,
    who is going to know who is older than who?
    It doesn't make much difference, and the older you get, the less the gap
    is. You said your wife is
    43 and you must be 38 or 38 1/2, so who is going to know. In her photo
    she doesn't look older than you and never will. I would only worry me if
    I looked older than a guy. If the guy was 10 years older than me but I
    didnt look any older than him. that would be OK. I like to look the best

    Mary, Jan 30, 2006
  11. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    How original to categorize like that!

    I believe
    I would think it was closer to a stone thrown into a lake or body of
    water. But I guess it could remind you of various sounds. I think its
    very descriptive for filtering someone out. Filtering sounds more
    polite. I reserve plonks for only a few people.
    I know the show but never watched it. I got The Great Escape DVD movie
    recently. I've seen it before. I like Steve McQueen and the movie is
    very good.
    I wonder if he's married and has kids :)
    Yes, of course.

    Mary, Jan 30, 2006
  12. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    True, but they (as well as the "girls" that don't mind the
    reference) tend to be of a certain age. :)

    As I noted, she's of and from a certain age. Not too many men of
    and from the same age would refer to their male friends as
    boyfriends though. :)

    I don't either if that's what you prefer nowadays, so you have
    something in common with Mark², but I wouldn't have guessed it. :)

    Joking to be sure, but, ah, not quite for that reason. And guys
    aren't really my type, even those equipped with Canons. <g>
    ( time for me to get out of here too )
    ASAAR, Jan 30, 2006
  13. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    They never have though, no matter what age they were. Most men just say
    " I am going to the game with so and so" or if someone said who are you
    referring to, the person might say "its a male friend of mine". Women of
    many ages often refer to other women as "girls". When I talk to someone
    about past co-worker women, I usually say to the person I am talking to
    "how are the girls doing who I used to work with" - I wouldn't say how
    are the women I used to work with. Girls sounds more friendly and less
    formal. I was thinking of a man I used to work with who was a lot older
    than me and after he retired, I would meet him now and then and he would
    say to me "and how are the girls and boys I used to work with" - he said
    it very affectionately and I thought it was cute to still call them boys
    and girls. So depends on who is doing the talking and who they are
    referring to I guess.
    You just never know. Yes Mark and I have a lot in common, though I don't
    know what it is yet. :) "I enjoy being a girl" (singing). Bill, lighten
    up will ya?
    Always looking for ulterior motives.

    Mary, Jan 30, 2006
  14. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    I have a Canon printer. does that count?

    Mary, Jan 30, 2006
  15. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    If you have to ask that, you're reading something into what I
    wrote that isn't there. Unless I'm similarly misinterpreting your
    question. As for your song, that's from some (now ancient) musical
    but I can't recall which. Possibly "South Pacific" but the only
    songs from that one I'm sure of are "Gonna Wash That Man Right Out
    Of My Hair" and "Dites-Moi" (if I didn't hopelessly misspell the

    Are you serious? If so, I'd say you're the one looking for
    ASAAR, Jan 30, 2006
  16. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    Not if it doesn't zoom.
    ASAAR, Jan 30, 2006
  17. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    I don't think it was from South Pacific, though now I am not sure. But
    the other songs you mention above were from South Pacific. I liked that
    I'm not looking for anything.

    Mary, Jan 30, 2006
  18. kombi45

    Mary Guest

    Do printers zoom?

    Mary, Jan 30, 2006
  19. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    I remember a few large ones attached to IBM 360 computers that
    did. Sort of like watching a convertible raising and lowering its
    rag-top. But even they don't really count. Think more along the
    lines of a long telephoto lens. :)
    ASAAR, Jan 30, 2006
  20. kombi45

    ASAAR Guest

    But of course. Its star was also named Mary. <g> When I was
    very young I recall seeing her in the TV production of Peter Pan,
    which for quite some time was rebroadcast every couple of years.
    ASAAR, Jan 30, 2006
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