A new photographer is born

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by kombi45, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. kombi45

    kombi45 Guest

    kombi45, Jan 24, 2006
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  2. kombi45

    Pat Guest

    Congratulations. Looks like all went fine. The kid is cute. Good
    luck. Have fun.
    Pat, Jan 24, 2006
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  3. LisatheSequel, Jan 24, 2006
  4. kombi45

    magicrat Guest

    I'm a newbie amateur here... i saw your initial post the other day.
    lemme say - wonderful pics! Congrats. As a new (1st time) father
    myself, i remember snapping away as well. I figured I could always
    delete the images if I decided we didn't want them - but i couldn't go
    back and recapture those first minutes of life. So glad I did. What a
    wonderful thing the digital camera is! Great pics, and a beautiful son.

    - andy
    magicrat, Jan 24, 2006
  5. kombi45

    Tony Cooper Guest

    Your link does not show pictures of the birth of your son. The
    pictures are of your son and his mother after the birth. That's quite
    Tony Cooper, Jan 24, 2006
  6. kombi45

    salgud Guest

    salgud, Jan 24, 2006
  7. kombi45

    Jasen Guest

    Awwwwww, well done! Forget the fly dung, just enjoy the moments you have
    with your new boy.
    Jasen, Jan 24, 2006
  8. kombi45

    Jasen Guest

    Who cares, he's probably delirious with excitment. So just say something
    nice will you or say nothing.
    Jasen, Jan 24, 2006
  9. kombi45

    Tesco News Guest

    Hi and Congratulations, to your wife, and to you.

    You done all right.

    Looks like the dog will be able to sleep in peace, after all.

    Roy G
    Tesco News, Jan 24, 2006
  10. kombi45

    Frank ess Guest

    Congratulations, sympathy to your wife, and goodbye.
    Frank ess, Jan 25, 2006
  11. kombi45

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Mom and big sister? look pretty pleased. Baby not too happy though.
    Ron Hunter, Jan 25, 2006
  12. Congratulations! A beautiful baby, and what beautiful memories you and your
    family will share.

    Bernard Saper, Jan 25, 2006
  13. kombi45

    gpsman Guest

    No shit, beautiful baby! And really nice shots.

    Yowza, Mom's one of the prettiest women I've ever seen as well. I
    think we can all see where the baby got it's looks... without any shots
    of you.

    - gpsman
    gpsman, Jan 25, 2006
  14. kombi45

    Annika1980 Guest

    Wow, looks like a healthy, happy baby. Be sure to start him with a

    Btw, have they been able to determine who the father is yet?

    Now that you've got a lovely wife and TWO beautiful kids, don't ya
    think it's time to junk that Nikon for a real camera? Then you'll
    truly have it all!
    Annika1980, Jan 25, 2006
  15. kombi45

    kombi45 Guest

    YOU'RE still alive? ;) I thought RSG was a little less...well,
    whatever you are!
    kombi45, Jan 26, 2006
  16. kombi45

    Annika1980 Guest

    YOU'RE still alive? ;) I thought RSG was a little less...well,
    Annika1980, Jan 26, 2006
  17. kombi45

    Mark² Guest

    Mom looks amazing, especially considering what she just did...
    Mark², Jan 26, 2006
  18. kombi45

    kombi45 Guest

    She just asked me for your number!
    kombi45, Jan 26, 2006
  19. kombi45

    Mark² Guest

    Woo hoo!
    Mark², Jan 26, 2006
  20. kombi45

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Yes, very 'perky' considering....
    Ron Hunter, Jan 26, 2006
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