A longwinded Router/ADSL question

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MasterIce, Nov 14, 2006.

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    Nov 14, 2006
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    I run a computer support group for a physical disability network.
    Most of the PC gear has been either blagged or got cheap.

    The present system is purely configures to allow net browsing via all pcs but not set as a file sharing network as that just wasn't considered needed.

    At present we have internet access and mail via BT broadband using a Binatone ADSL2000.

    The single ethernet output connection from this is taken into one of the LAN (not WAN) ports on a Trust 350 which is hence acting as a switch/router.

    That has worked fine for a couple of years. Recently we were given a couple more PC's including a wireless enabled laptop.

    I therefore needed to increase the interconnectivity.

    I managed to get a KCorp KLS-6615 at a really silly price (less than £10) which has 4 Lan, 1 Wan and 802.11 wireless.

    I merely took one of the Lan outputs from the Trust 350 and connected into a Lan socket on the Kcorp, plugged in the two extra cabled pcs and away it went with no problem at all.

    However no matter what i have tried I cannot get internet connection on the wireless laptop. The laptop is seeing the KLS-6615 but cannot find any connection to the net. If I cable connect it it's fine and i know the computers wireless connection works as i tried it on an open access wireless lan with no problems.

    I can't afford to change anything in the system as we run on a shoestring.
    I hope someone can come up with what setting (I suspect) need to be changed within the KLS-6615.

    The drawing below explains it a bit better and as you can see the wan connections are not utilised. That was a follow on from the original set up due to the ADSL2000 only having a Lan output which would not work to drive the Trust's Wan input. The exisiting set up was detailed by Trust technical who were really helpful.


    Thanks in advance for any help

    Some further info the laptop is an Acer 4062 with an onboard intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG network connection
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    MasterIce, Nov 14, 2006
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